twentyfudgingfive to life.

You know how there comes a time when what you decide at that moment has the potential to shape your future? Well, when one of those times was obviously when I got into dentistry. But it feels like that time has come again. And I'm at an absolute loss about what to do. Do I practice general dentistry? Do I work with someone else or open my own clinic? Do I go for the postgraduation hassle? Which specialty do I pick? Where best do I train in that specialty from? Will they even let me train there? Is postgraduation even worth it? How about when they say that dentistry is itself a specialized field? Do I even want to do Dentistry? Do I want to work eight to ten hours a day pouring over people's mouth's in a 10' by 10' room? Do I even want to stay in Pakistan? But do I really want to give up everything here and go to some foreign land and start over? Do I even wanna get out of bed today?! 

It's been that kind of a day. 


The Me. said...

Oh my.

Atique Mangla said...

All I know is that life is short. Live it!