I'm Watching Humans.

Hi. Let’s update all my non-existent readers to the goings-on in Sajeel’s life.

I have a big exam coming up on the 12th of August, which if I pass, will lead to a four year training program in some dentistry specialty at a good university hopefully, but then there are all the other programs with their own entrance exams that’re coming up after that and I still haven’t decided which is best for me, I’ll be going the long way of applying for them all.

Said exam has not been prepared well for as of this post, so temper runs high and spirits low.

I hate my roommate.

I miss my old roommate. He got cancer and has recently undergone chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant (he says it didn’t hurt much) and has lost all his hair and is currently focusing on growing it back.

I didn’t know what else to get the parents for their birthday so I got them both nice mugs from Haroons.

I changed my number because I’d had about enough of dropped signals and poor internet so I got Zong and Zong got me and it sounds funny but less annoying people can contact me now hah.

All Ramazan, I’ve had this messed up routine of staying awake too long when I should really be sleeping and then sleeping too long when I should really be studying.

Today, I was taking a picture for my instagram and I’d carefully balanced my book on my leg while doing so but I slid and went straight into this puddle. Yep. Hope it was worth it, said picture! https://instagram.com/p/5IegiLKMKQ/?taken-by=sajeelahmad

I got a packet of Haribo’s peaches for my birthday.

I don’t understand the Dawn of Justice trailer and Mr. Robot gave me a headache.

My laptop harddisk crashed and burned so I lost everything precious I had in the digital world and now my computer is empty. Empty, I tell you.

The assistant at the clinic showed me her cut wrists and her stash of Xanax and I told her she had a problem. She laughed and swallowed a couple anyway.


Siddhartha Joshi said...

I like the instagram picture.

And don't worry about the exam. They come and go and leave nothing worthwhile afterwards. If you don't make it to dentistry, you will actually find something way more interesting to do...

The Me. said...

Followed you on instagram!

SaJ said...

Thanks, Siddhartha!
And the trouble is, I've already made it to dentistry. (yeah, even got my license to practice and whatnot) and this is about specializing further in a dentistry field which I'm confused about.

SaJ said...

@ The Me.
You did? Why can't I see you? You don't by any chance have the same initials as me, do you?!

Dawson said...

Good going, Sajeel!
How long has it been since I commented?
Good luck for the exam!