Oh What A Tangled Web We Have.

Little things bother me. Like how it's the 21st century and we still can't italicize words in text messages. I mean someone should have figured out how to how to do that by now, right? Right? Also, why don't computers have auto-correct? It's too much bother right-clicking on a word and selecting the right spellings! DON'T THEY CARE ABOUT SAVING OUR TIME?!

I've decided to delete the Candy Crush app from my phone. Which is saying something, since I'm on, wait for it... level 277! (this might or might not have anything to do with the fact that I've been stuck at this level for a gazillion years now)

I've been reading Alain de Botton's Essays in Love.
“.. if you asked most people whether they believed in love or not, they’d probably say they didn’t. Yet that’s not necessarily what they truly think. It’s just the way they defend themselves against what they want. They believe in it, but pretend they don’t until they’re allowed to. Most people would throw away all their cynicism if they could. The majority just never gets the chance.”

The professional is just around the corner. And as a colleague pointed out, our usual lament of  'Ya Allah is baar pass kar de, aglay saal pakka parhain ge!" is kind of redundant, and almost embarrassing considering that we made it to final year, and never once kept that promise. Sad.

I was talking to Durre about how I should write a book called 'How to get a good thing going and then ruin it". Because, you should play to your strengths and apparently that's what I'm good at. Unlike things like talking. To actual people. And not "hollowing them out" as I do apparently. Sigh.

Operative is the tackiest subject. There are six (yes, six!) books to be consulted that Ghole and I went and bought very eagerly at the start of the year (december, last year) and then proceeded to forget all about them as we trudged along through all the various quotas (five of which we still have to submit, aaaaarrrrghhhh)

Soooo, that's about it. I think I'll go study some endo now. I am focis!


The Me. said...

I love this word. Focis.
focisfocisfocis. Except that I can't focis even though prof viva tomorrow. heh.

S. said...

277? O_O you must really like crushing candy.

SaJ said...

@The Me.
Hahaha. Super focis! I hope it went well!

Not really.
Somehow, I end up taking most games rather personally.
Besides, people (even in our college) are waaaay ahead of me! :P