The hostel tabby is a good friend. Needless to say, Sajeel was a bit hurt when a week back, she decided to skip her favourite spot under his desk, and have kittens in the room-next-door. However, a week later, one unsuspecting Saturday night, Sajeel opens his cupboard and gets the shock of his life.

Well, since Miss Tabbykins here had always been good to Sajeel and given him company in many a lone moment, Sajeel cleared out some space for the babies and her. And she settled down comfortably to feed her little ones. And Sajeel settled back with a good book and some chilled Pineapple tang.

Until he noticed the stench.

At first Sajeel thought he should have invested in that cat litter when he had the chance. (clumped or non-clumped, who really cares?) However, Murphy's laws seemed to have grappled on to their chance and it was then that Sajeel discovered the existence of a fourth, dead kitten.

An old tub was then procured, and the mewling kittens transferred via Sajeel's unused tennis racket as momma-cat hissed and cried (and Sajeel sobbed a little too), and then the extra glove in Sajeel's lab coat came in handy and the poor soul was carried out and handed over to the guard to be buried.

And that was the end of Solomon Grundy. May he rest in peace.