If One Of Those Bottles Should Happen To Fall.

Ghole: How much done?
Me: Started haematology. Halfway through.
Ghole: CVS tips?
Me: Taking a dump right now. :)
Ghole: How long will it take for the splash down? I need to know about how to do CVS in one day!
Me: You know you can't hurry love. Oh, you'll just have to wait!
Ghole: But love when you know how to love!
Ghole: Tell me the parts of the relationship that I should avoid. Its all filled with high blood pressure and heart attacks.
Me: That's a song, dipstick.
Ghole: Dammit.
Me: Wohooo! I'm on fire today!
Ghole: Stop talking about your pooping!
Me: -_______-