That awkward moment when...

... you know you have to start letting go.

The Phantom Adenoma.

The surgery test went straight into the doldrums. Apparently, I was feeling a tad suicidal (which might or might not have had anything to do with the House series finale), and made up a primary hyperparathyroidism that arises due to a microadenoma in the pituitary gland. Somebody, kill me now!

In other news, I tried on the sorting hat. And this @harisghole won't send me his thesis to read.

The Tooth Fairy Conundrum.

Exodontia came to an end today. We (a classmate and I) wound up doing almost a hundred and fifty extractions during these last forty days or so and there never was a dull moment. Truly. Personally, I enjoyed the odd patient or two who just couldn’t help making a fuss, and was capable of screaming their lungs out on the mere sight of a needle. Or the apprehensive old lady who carried with her the memory of a traumatic extraction, and just wouldn't stop pestering you to go easy on her. My favourite though, remained the patients who would grab your hand in alarm when you were giving them a nerve block and point towards the tooth that was hurting and say, "Doctor saab ye daant nikaalna hai!" But the real fun part to all this was assuring the patient that it wouldn't hurt at all. Not one bit. We had the power to take away their pain, and we loved using it. And then smooth-talking them through the procedure before delivering with a flourish, the troublesome tooth, amputated from its comfy old socket, once and for all. And there you had it. Instant gratification. Who said it took too long?!*

*Princess Leia did, from Star Wars. And now I have this stupid urge to change this blog's name to "Postcards from the Edge".