Breaking The Fourth Wall.

Me: Red is angry, Yellow is frightened, Green is Jealous. And Blue is depressed.
Ghole: White is in peace.
Black is in the dark.
And you, sir, are in denial. #iknow

Some messages later...
Ghole: Learning things from a wrong perspective. What does a man with denial have to say about that?
Me: I wouldn’t know. I’m denying that I’m in denial, remember? :p
Ghole: Exactly.

Letters of Note.

I started reading this book called "Mohabbat kay amar deep". Its a collection of differents letters written by Khalifatul-Masih Raabay to this guy in Lahore, mostly in his own handwriting. To be honest, I wasn't expecting much from the book but it's been an interesting read so far. (more on that later, perhaps.) 
This being the answer to one of my own letters that I just received.