Klebsiella for King

Nickelback's "I'd come for you" is very hummable. I like it. Like Livers and Prometheus. Like how we studied pneumonia in Medicine today. Which explains why I have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on my mind. Or how its nice that they have fancy descriptions for all these sounds. Like vesicular is " the sound of wind blowing through the leaves of a tree." A pleural rub is "the sound made by treading on fresh snow". Like how the third and fourth heart sounds have the same cadence as  "Kentucky" and "Tennessee".

Which brings us to how I'm taking the weekend off again and running back home tomorrow. For the third time this month. Because we don't need no edjucaayshun. Pah. Like that's going to make a few good men out of us.

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The Me. said...

I'm all for taking weekends off. I say, take everyday off unless you absolutely can't afford to.

Ah. I SO need to sort out my priorities.