Ghole: Qigong?
Me: Damn.
Ghole: What?
Me: Just that.
Ghole: What, that was a trick question?
Me: Sure.
Ghole: And I'm tricked into what?
Me: Ignorance. Of whether you were tricked or not.
Ghole: Wow. You tricked me!
Me: Good. Consider it an early birthday present.
Ghole: You're getting me an iPad? Awesome!! Buy me the new one... It has retina display...
Me: Dream on, Ghole. #striketwo
Ghole: What happened in oral pathology today?
Me: Made up a new classification of cysts. With potato shaped tumours.
Ghole: Really?!
Me: Hah. Strike three. You're out!
Ghole: Or am I?
Me: This is going to be like one of those endless chain of questions where you try to extract and I try not to divulge which usually ends with me dropping the circle of inquisitivity altogether and settling for an 'okay', isn't it?
Ghole: A little creativity is always welcome...

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H.G. said...

Wow, you changed the theme for me. Thank you!