The problem with preparing for exams is that usually, you have a general idea of things. Not too little, not too much, but you're still there somewhere. Yet somehow, going through the same bland things over and over again all year, there comes a time when you're so satisfied with the little that you do know that the unknown doesn't frighten you any more. You become immune to its charms altogether. And that perhaps is the most disastrous thing that could happen. Because from that point onwards, there exists an opposing force that resists very much the addition of anything new and variable. An antagonist, if you like that shifts the dose response curve so far to the right that its pushed out of the picture altogether. Of course the blockade does maintain a certain amount of competitiveness, so you try to up your dose a bit. Like a train struggling uphill, huffing and puffing all the way. Only to find someone rushing towards you, frantically waving a red flag, forcing you to slam down on the brakes.

And then you say your prayers, clutch your rails and prepare to tumble down the ravine.

And this shall be the soundtrack to my flashback.


Furree Katt said...

i have a test tomorrow and this is almost exactly how i feel. GOOD LUCK!!! ♥

The Me. said...

Proffs suck. Mainay nai parhna!
*throws guyton in the air and walks off*

Sana Castellano said...

I totally understand this (thanks to a year of pharma) =P

Aliza Khan said...

Best of luck for ur exams

Hurray for me :D OUr mids has been cancelled along with our HRE test :D

SaJ said...

Furree Katt:
Good to know teachers have exams too! Enjoy. :)

The Me:
I'm blaming you if any book, Guyton or otherwise, falls out of the sky and hits me.

Sana Castellano:
I hate you.

Aliza Khan:
Ooo! New follower. Well let's hope our dear president dies and we get more holidays!

Aliza Khan said...

hahahah God!!!! evil ;)

Sadaf Hafeez said...

I've got a prof starting in 7 days and here i am blog-trotting recklessly...yikes! I'm dead! ;p

Zuhaib Solari said...

Hey, you stole my words.

From this point onwards, I'll be giving link to this post to all those who ask why am I not worried of exams.

Butterfly said...

hey i so agree with it..nice post :)

Zeba said...

Because it's been long since I last visited. But I have feeling I have read this one already. You should get your time and date back. I would like that.

Hope you been doing good. Hit me with some blog updates. I likes them stuff you write! :-)

Neshmia said...

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Thanks. :)

Dawson said...

Hope it went well,
your exam.