You would always win, always win.

Kid is looking at what I’m typing. But he’s also under fire right now from dad and Moony so he’s not a threat to anything I might be currently doing. Mum’s on the phone, oops not anymore now. Quick glances at someone to share a secret are the best. I hardly ever sleep when I’m home. People talk a lot. Cookie’s in Sargodha these days. She transferred her course from Islamabad so she could be nearer to home. 13th is the date of her entry test. J.Jay’s making brownies in the kitchen.

Life seems to have picked up pace all of a sudden, ya know?

Just had a bit of dinner. I have an infection in the danger area of my face. Dad’s on the phone now, calling people up, telling them about Saturday. See how people function? Most of the while they just lounge about, killing time, trying to be happy and stuff. Productivity goes up in smoke. I have to go make packets now.

I like this new silver grill on the heater. Kid must have re painted it.

Do you think if I keep on rambling like this, just a few lines at a time, I'll be able to write something even slightly readable? Just sneezed and my right lower canine that feels a bit too pointy these days, collided with something in the upper arch. Pain. I have black bands on the braces this time. Denny says he wants to try an orthodontic implant on me. Hmmph.

Some final words before the night falls through.

Just made lists with dad of all the things that need to be done In the next two days. I like this power that comes from mixing black and red. Been up since three in the morning. Today was the pharmacology send up. In other news, I’ve just  discovered the Age of Empires and this shall serve wonderfully as a pre-prof distraction. Let’s see how much longer I can stay awake now.

Song of the year: Adele – Set fire to the rain