Let's rap, Lepers!

Here's what we won't do.
We won't talk about how I nearly drowned last Friday Night.
(and no Katy Perry in braces had nothing to do with it, honest)
We won't talk about how I spent our Indepence day doing my laundry.
And we certainly won't talk about Amir Liaqat.

Presenting now, the reason why MRS is all sorts of awesome, the Rap Zone of Dapsone!

Where's your ears?
There on the floor.
Where's your hand?
I left it on the door.
Come on Doc, look and see,
these rappin' clowns got leprosy!

Hey, you clown!
You left your nose in the car,
Hey, you clown!
You left your toes in a bar,
Call the doc, to the Rap Zone,
Your first line drug remains dapsone.
And if you dance to this stupid rappin',
watch your feet as they start a stampin',
There's only one thing to help your dancin',
Time to reach for the drug, rifampin.
Their peelin' clown faces look really lean.
They're healing faster than can be seen,
As long as they stay close to clofazimine!

Now every time you say Leprosy, I get clowns tap dancing in my brain. -____-
I want more rap! This was amazing! :)

p.s. Can somebody please lend me their Pathology practical notebook? Please? Pretty please with sucre on top? :) I'll teach you a cool new spell!  
Great. Now I feel hungry. :|