Stolen Summer

Amazing really, how I went from this:

To this:

And I have Cookie to thank (murder) for this.

In other news, I know I'm letting the blog down but it doesn't really seem to matter anymore. The measly one month that are the holidays is nearly up. College will be like college usually is. No vampires running around pretending to be human or such. O no. And whats more, my dormitory has sealed itself against me for this month. As has my brain, after reading about tumour suppressor genes and other batshit about barmy cancers. Oh and I saw this program on Neurofibromatosis on Discovery right after I'd studied that a bit and it was scaryyy. Oh and my laptop played a trick on me today by suddenly flipping the screen upside down. And like how I want my own bachelor pad. Oh, and Vampire Diaries isn't half bad. Plus I don’t really think I like this year so far. Its been very undocumented, don’t you think? And then things happened that shouldn’t have happened but they were amazing while they lasted and then as they say, reality caught up. What do you say? I hear somebody’s radio playing right now since the power’s out. Oh and I have new furniture in my room! And an oval mirror. I like my oval mirror. Wish my college was here in Rabwah. Oh and kid’s finally moved on from Enid Blyton but he and I are having a little tiff going on so let’s ignore him. I haven’t read annyyything in a while. Except Katzung of course, who’s my wife. My friend married us. And there's mini-K who we call Kitten and then there’s the cute girl next door, Robbin. They’ve been real friends this year. Ignoring the fact they tried to kill me in my sleep. Well, that’s it, I think. Wanted to throw in a moon joke too for posterity’s sake but J.Jay’d kill me.

Wooh. iBabble. King of Babble, I be!

Count Grouchyness, signing off.


Lioness Without A Pride said...

I love oval mirrors. I miss the greenness of your blog!

Sana Castellano said...

I know - Katzung and Robbin must be serial killers.

SaJ said...

No, they're DEATH EATERS!!!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

What? you changed genders? Or turned transvestite? The second looks more like a vamp (female) in saas-bahu serials than a vampire.

Gosh. :P

Blasphemous Aesthete

SaJ said...

Oh come on. Hey! Tell it to the artist! I know its bad. But still! Plus I've already had my revenge too, so. :)