Rightey tightey, Lefty loosy

Let's see. I haven't even dared to open the physical and chemical properties section of the book that screws with your brain, Phillips. Enough nostalgia there to put even Gaga to shame.  Started polymers today but lost interest because of the beautiful weather, and other, err distractions. Cements are 49 pages of my very own personal nightmare. And I read dental adhesives and denture base resins a month back, so they're probably rotting in the seventh circle of hell right now and no amount of blood/love shall resurrect them from their powdery tombs. Is that all? Yes. Tomorrow should be fun!

Oh, and Cookie from up there in BK keeps saying that it feels like she's living in Forks, so she's keeping an eye open for Edward. Pffft. Girls.


Komal Ali said...

I feel like I just learned all about dentistry.
Hah, Good luck!

Aabi said...

other distractions eh? ^^
Hahahahah, tell her when it rains, fairies come out to play. ^^

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