Cookie: Med lizzie in the loo. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah while i was in it too. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. What on earth am i to do?
Me: That actually rhymes pretty well! :) Ask her for an interview.
Cookie: Yeah i know i made it up. Like sissy's."There s a huge lizard in my room and a baby one too. What do i do?" only mine is better B-)
Fascinating! *Snape-ish face*
Cookie: I pretty sure its a he. Coz lizzie is short for lacerta :-D
Me: What in the name of handsome-he-lizards is a  lacerta?!
Cookie: Its a constellation. Lacerta. Stands for lizard. Ever open an encyclopedia?
Me: Killed a lizard with one once. -_-
Cookie: You killed a lizard with a constellation? *sarcasm*
Me: No, the constellation is the giant, fiery lizard I killed and then placed in the Heavens as my trophy! :p
Cookie: Boy you are k-raaaazy!
Me: I know! How cool is that! :)
Cookie: Thats not cool its spookey!!!
Me: Oh, run along now and study while I post this to my blog. :) :p
Cookie: Oh, yeah! Im soooo cool! Blog cool! Wheeeeee!!!

Disclaimer: The above is the result of two nefariously prodigious minds being coerced into intellectual booby traps. Go figure.


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

The lizzie would be so sorry for interrupting.
What happened to the peas, BTW?

Blasphemous Aesthete

Alec Lindsay said...

The lizard in the loo was your libido. Terrified of it you killed it, and seizing the ecstasy it had engendered, placed it on high where it expressed itself as a love of God. A sad story. Personally you'd have been better off if the lizard was still in the loo. Did I get that right? ;P

SaJ said...

@Blasphemous Aesthete
The lizzie ate the pea and died. Incidentally, I've seen a lizard with a cigarette forced into its mouth, which looked very cool, expecially when said lizzie was blasted into oblivion. :)

@Alec Lindsay
Rrrrright. That's just disturbing, man. I killed my libido! Fortunately, I now know plenty of things to counter it. Who needs lizards when you have big, nasty drugs? :)