Olds from Home

So, the amusement I’d planned out instead of going trippin’ with the class took a U-turn and ended up with me going home, and feasting on chocolate all day long. :) Plus, I now have in my possession, a piece of the Berlin wall, which I’ll use to bang my head against when things become too cementy, but not before I write with this cool new pen someone gave me as a present! (and a new book too.)

Anyway, apart from Cookie who’s stuck safe somewhere up north, Kid shall now also be featured on my spaghetti splattered wall from time to time. His latest antics include taking exactly 208 pictures in less than two hours, and silencing a bunch of wizened old geezers with a single comment that we laughed over so much that our teeth fell out.

Speaking of teeth, we dentists love chocolate. Especially the sticky, crunchy, butterscotchy, caramel kind. We figure the more you eat, the quicker you die so there’ll be less annoying people in the world. Thought I was going to say something else, didn’t ya? :)

That’s Kid playing on his playstation. We found an old projector and hooked it up and it worked great! Obviously, the car isn’t my choice. Pah.

I don’t feel twenty. And I don’t look twenty, don’t sound like I’m twenty and I certainly don’t think act like I’m twenty. I’m just the right amount of stupid a twenty year old should be!

Also, J.Jay’s painting.

And this is random guy near my college.

I need more chocolate!!!


Aabi said...

I just got a root-effing-canal done. The injection hasnt worn of yet so my lip weighs a ton. YOU DENTIST-BECOMING PAIN CAUSING 20 YEAR OLD BACHA.

curse my cavities.

The guy is awesome.

SaJ said...

Yes, he looks like chocolate too. :)

Ifra Khaliq said...

cochos are <3

The Me. said...

Gimme chocolates. Lots.
Random guy looks like gandhi btw.

Zeba said...

I don't like chocolates. You might have to try harder to kill me now. :-)

SaJ said...

Wrong. Definitely read something about you "loving" white chocolate. Hah!