Another day gone to waste which I was supposed to spend studying. Since everybody's talking about Dental Materials, I won't talk about it. Nearly slept in pharmocology today, thanks to Professor Binns, whose name I couldn't remember for the life of me and Ghole couldn't hear when I asked him. Amused myself by tapping out morse code on the desk.

There's talk about a college trip on Monday. I won't be going, as usual. I have better ways to amuse myself. :)

Must rush now if I am to be served lunch on time. Oh and, word of advice. Critter kills your brain cells. It's like a Rickettsia that'll deplete all your brain's ATP. And then you'll get rocky mountain spotted fever and go barmy in the woods and hang yourself from a tree. Just saying.


Vice Versa said...

lol, no idea what critter is :p

you know morse code?

Furree Katt said...

critter is twitter? i was stalking your formspring so that's where i got the idea lol.

SaJ said...

VIce Versa:
Critter is twitter, obviously. As is Fritter and anything blue whale-ish.
Morse code? Only from Nancy Drew and that Agatha Christie novel! They came to Baghdad? Or whatever it was called.

Furree Katt:
I'm going to get high on a Molotov Cocktail and blow myself to bits! :)

Komal Ali said...

Why do you want to study in vacations?

SaJ said...

Sadly, the word vacations is limited to the period between two full moons in our college's vocabulary. So, its study time all over again! Pah.

AcetylCholine said...

But. I don't want to get rocky mountain fever and die. And I like twitter now.