Olds from Home

So, the amusement I’d planned out instead of going trippin’ with the class took a U-turn and ended up with me going home, and feasting on chocolate all day long. :) Plus, I now have in my possession, a piece of the Berlin wall, which I’ll use to bang my head against when things become too cementy, but not before I write with this cool new pen someone gave me as a present! (and a new book too.)

Anyway, apart from Cookie who’s stuck safe somewhere up north, Kid shall now also be featured on my spaghetti splattered wall from time to time. His latest antics include taking exactly 208 pictures in less than two hours, and silencing a bunch of wizened old geezers with a single comment that we laughed over so much that our teeth fell out.

Speaking of teeth, we dentists love chocolate. Especially the sticky, crunchy, butterscotchy, caramel kind. We figure the more you eat, the quicker you die so there’ll be less annoying people in the world. Thought I was going to say something else, didn’t ya? :)

That’s Kid playing on his playstation. We found an old projector and hooked it up and it worked great! Obviously, the car isn’t my choice. Pah.

I don’t feel twenty. And I don’t look twenty, don’t sound like I’m twenty and I certainly don’t think act like I’m twenty. I’m just the right amount of stupid a twenty year old should be!

Also, J.Jay’s painting.

And this is random guy near my college.

I need more chocolate!!!

Rightey tightey, Lefty loosy

Let's see. I haven't even dared to open the physical and chemical properties section of the book that screws with your brain, Phillips. Enough nostalgia there to put even Gaga to shame.  Started polymers today but lost interest because of the beautiful weather, and other, err distractions. Cements are 49 pages of my very own personal nightmare. And I read dental adhesives and denture base resins a month back, so they're probably rotting in the seventh circle of hell right now and no amount of blood/love shall resurrect them from their powdery tombs. Is that all? Yes. Tomorrow should be fun!

Oh, and Cookie from up there in BK keeps saying that it feels like she's living in Forks, so she's keeping an eye open for Edward. Pffft. Girls.

Another day gone to waste which I was supposed to spend studying. Since everybody's talking about Dental Materials, I won't talk about it. Nearly slept in pharmocology today, thanks to Professor Binns, whose name I couldn't remember for the life of me and Ghole couldn't hear when I asked him. Amused myself by tapping out morse code on the desk.

There's talk about a college trip on Monday. I won't be going, as usual. I have better ways to amuse myself. :)

Must rush now if I am to be served lunch on time. Oh and, word of advice. Critter kills your brain cells. It's like a Rickettsia that'll deplete all your brain's ATP. And then you'll get rocky mountain spotted fever and go barmy in the woods and hang yourself from a tree. Just saying.


Cookie: Med lizzie in the loo. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah while i was in it too. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. What on earth am i to do?
Me: That actually rhymes pretty well! :) Ask her for an interview.
Cookie: Yeah i know i made it up. Like sissy's."There s a huge lizard in my room and a baby one too. What do i do?" only mine is better B-)
Fascinating! *Snape-ish face*
Cookie: I pretty sure its a he. Coz lizzie is short for lacerta :-D
Me: What in the name of handsome-he-lizards is a  lacerta?!
Cookie: Its a constellation. Lacerta. Stands for lizard. Ever open an encyclopedia?
Me: Killed a lizard with one once. -_-
Cookie: You killed a lizard with a constellation? *sarcasm*
Me: No, the constellation is the giant, fiery lizard I killed and then placed in the Heavens as my trophy! :p
Cookie: Boy you are k-raaaazy!
Me: I know! How cool is that! :)
Cookie: Thats not cool its spookey!!!
Me: Oh, run along now and study while I post this to my blog. :) :p
Cookie: Oh, yeah! Im soooo cool! Blog cool! Wheeeeee!!!

Disclaimer: The above is the result of two nefariously prodigious minds being coerced into intellectual booby traps. Go figure.


Violent thoughts are all that arise in my head these days. The least violent of them perhaps would be to run away. I have it all planned out. Got some saved up cash, with which I'll battle my way across India with my best friend/dog named Kim. Then a pirate friend of mine will be sending his ship to the Bay of Bengal near Chittagong and then we'll sail the seas and discover new lands, (no you're not allowed to rain on my parade) and do it the Philleas Fogg way in 80 days. Or 79 really, if we're going east.

And after that I have no freakin idea what we'll do. Prolly drink out our frustration that we had to burn the ship.

Stolen Summer

Amazing really, how I went from this:

To this:

And I have Cookie to thank (murder) for this.

In other news, I know I'm letting the blog down but it doesn't really seem to matter anymore. The measly one month that are the holidays is nearly up. College will be like college usually is. No vampires running around pretending to be human or such. O no. And whats more, my dormitory has sealed itself against me for this month. As has my brain, after reading about tumour suppressor genes and other batshit about barmy cancers. Oh and I saw this program on Neurofibromatosis on Discovery right after I'd studied that a bit and it was scaryyy. Oh and my laptop played a trick on me today by suddenly flipping the screen upside down. And like how I want my own bachelor pad. Oh, and Vampire Diaries isn't half bad. Plus I don’t really think I like this year so far. Its been very undocumented, don’t you think? And then things happened that shouldn’t have happened but they were amazing while they lasted and then as they say, reality caught up. What do you say? I hear somebody’s radio playing right now since the power’s out. Oh and I have new furniture in my room! And an oval mirror. I like my oval mirror. Wish my college was here in Rabwah. Oh and kid’s finally moved on from Enid Blyton but he and I are having a little tiff going on so let’s ignore him. I haven’t read annyyything in a while. Except Katzung of course, who’s my wife. My friend married us. And there's mini-K who we call Kitten and then there’s the cute girl next door, Robbin. They’ve been real friends this year. Ignoring the fact they tried to kill me in my sleep. Well, that’s it, I think. Wanted to throw in a moon joke too for posterity’s sake but J.Jay’d kill me.

Wooh. iBabble. King of Babble, I be!

Count Grouchyness, signing off.