Oh, Snap!

Me: Miserable.
ZJ: What?
Me: Me. Miserable. Bored. Must annoy somebody! Difficult is uber sad.
ZJ: Yup. Eminem is about sad music. Write ten bad things about my today's presentation. #alwayshaveworked
Me: I'd rather write ten good things about yellow. :P
ZJ: That'd be okay too... :-)
Me: Seriously though. I think I might need some selective serotonin reuptake inhibitiors.
ZJ: Potatoes? =\
Me: No, kumquats. :p Antidepressents, Newton!
ZJ: You need a vacation... Hey, hey, look, just there...

I think I need a new theme. Yup.

p.s. Future posts on this abandoned island shall be short and pointless like this too. Like when I snorted into my bloody Mary when he said potatoes. Okay? Capisce?
p.p.s. Peas for the people who missed my presence! And for Alec Lindsay, who misses the sound of me banging into walls. I"M BACK BI#^T%CH%$^^#^*Z!!
Well, maybe.