Hate on Peas

Okay, this is officially weird. 
Seems the less I write, the more followers I get. Not bad, eh?
This post shall be in single lines because I'm so single. :) 
Bonga Reason but whatever. =/\
Very 'Waila' today. Pathology Department decided to let us spend V-Day in peace. 
The Professors seem much too busy with their wifeys and hubbys to save lives.
Or analyze pea-smelling urine or stool samples with undigested peas in it, but do I give a pea? Nope.

In other news, I somehow seem to have won a blog award! 
Which should be nigh impossible because I haven't been blogging. Et al.
Thanks to Sana Castellano here, I now have the dilemma of forcing a post out of my unwilling mind, when my brain seems to have left me for a Pea.

7 Random facts about me:

I hate peas.
I don't hate all peas. I like the fried kind a friend sends from Japan.
(Both the above are true. My friends call me Pea Hater.)
I tried to eat a pea once. It ran off.
Some peas are absolutely alike. Like peas in a pod. Only less peasy, ya know?
I once snorted a pea up my nose. My nose died that day. True story.
You know that tiny hole in the pea? 
Hold it up to your ear and you'll hear the sound of...Yeah. You guessed it.
Last but not least, 
I am a Pea.

Oh and these facts are supposed to work for this tag here too,
by the wonderful  Ms. Dawson
Tis called killing two birds with a Pea.

In other news, must pass on the award to seven mighty fine bloggers!
(Who are to undergo the same ordeal as me.)

The ApPEAsed

Cause she uses words like "ghoomofyes", "gnkarlengvarkengvkarns" 
and "sharafati" and others and seems to run on nuclear batteries. 
Plus I can't call her a stalker so I won't call her that.

Let's just leave this a bit blank. 
I want to know what she'll do with it.

He's versatile alright.
And he has this Daily Blog which I'm not allowed to read, 
even when I've been pestering him for an invite the past whole year. 

Because she's sending me a pizza prize. True Story.

Because she's my sister and she'd kill me if I didn't tag her. 

Who I don't really know but she seems like a good pea.
Also, good things happen when you follow my blog. Heh.

And the last one to anyone out there who wants this award, cause you're all Awesome. 
Like fried Peas.
Well, not really, but I'm out of peas.

Don't you just hate Peas? :/


AL said...

I hate peas tooo!

And Congrats on the award!

SaJ said...

Haha. Well then, you're tagged my friend! :)
I hereby declare this tag open to all Pea-Haters. *drum roll*

Alec Lindsay said...

What deranged kind of wimp could possibly dislike peas? What other vegetable in it's complete form can you snort, eat from a knife, test
princesses with, shoot people? And I merely scratch the surface of the versatility of the pea! You have an award waiting for you in Cambridge, don't forget! xx

SaJ said...

Well, when you put it like that.

Pea-Hater Hater!
*bangs fists on table*
*throws a tiny tantrum*
I have the right to hate peas. :)

Furree Katt said...

PEAS! i have mixed feelings about peas. i used to like them but i got a cat food sachet for my cat, it had lamb and peas. and it smelled DISGUSTING. so i'm totally off peas at the moment.
congratulations on your award! awesome blogger you are, even though your posts are few and far between nowadays. :D

Maryam.. said...

DAMN! I love peas so bloody much, like since few months. They are yum and small, I find them cute.
And thanks for the tag, mate. I am flattered (:

Nas said...

Thanks for the follow.

I'm at uni at this current moment and should be working so I'll make this short.

Congrats on the award. Gosh yaar, you hate peas yet your whole 'interesting facts about me' were about about them :P.

Looks like the big guys left you to smell the urine on their behalf ;).
have fun!

S. said...

congratulations on the award.

and thanks for the award, too. :p

-not discussing peas on principle-

Sana Castellano said...

After the line about pathology stools and urine... I could only read your whole post thinking it is PEE every time you wrote PEA.
Like - My brain left me for a pee =S
And I love your blog. =)

Sana Castellano said...

Peas are yummy, I eat lots of em, raw and boiled and fried and in rice. =P

Dawson said...

I don't get the reason why peas exist. But that'll have to be dealt with later.


Blasphemous Aesthete said...


No no no, I won't hate peas from now on. And nice write up. Funny!

Blasphemous Aesthete

AcetylCholine said...

SaJpea, You are aliveee! :D

Whattey a pea-sy post!

Bring me more of such peas!

Talha said...

Lolz poor peas

(PS. I don't like peas too :-D)

A Great Liar said...

My kingdom for a pea!

Komal Ali said...

Hahahaha :D Nice post there! :)

klahanie said...

My friend, well done on receiving the much loved, much sought after 'Versatile Blogger' Award :)
And well done to those you have forwarded it on too. I shall check them out.
Thanks for linking into my shy and humble blog. I have linked into yours :)
And peas? Reminds me of that song, 'peas release me, let me go..'
In peas and positivity, your way, Gary :-)

SaJ said...

This Pea post has generated much controversy, me thinks!

Let's reply to all you lovely people's comments now, shall we? :)

Furree Katt: Take my word on it. Peas are to be hated. With a capital H.

Maryam: Downer on the pea love, but you get marks for being young. You'll grow out of it, hopefully. :)

Nas: Hi! And thanks for the follow back too!
Yes, very cruel those big guys are. Thanks to the peas though, my nose is already dead! :P

S: There's a principle involved? Hah. Let's KILL the principle!

Sana: Haha, Peas are like that! Next thing you know, there'll be peas in your blood too. Ouch.

Dawson: Welcome to the Pea-Haters club, yo! :)
Long story about the pizza prize not being a pizza or being a pizza.
You can ask Sychh. :)

Blasphemous Aesthete: Haha, thanks. But give my words some serious thought, my friend!

AcetylCholine: And so the Pea returns! All hail the Pea! :)
Haha, thanks.

Talha: With you mate! All the way.

A Great Liar: *looks at your lengthening nose and throws peas at it*

Komal Ali: Thank You! What's your Pea status? :)

OMG, Honoured!
Thank You! You are too kind.
Must listen to that song then. :)

A Great Liar said...

@SaJ: When it comes to lengthening noses, "the king enacts more wonders than a man"! :/

NEO said...

Hate peas..!!!
Nice post..!

Nd v enjoyed our Valentines day with a party...!!!!
Cool Eh???

Maryam said...

Hahaha yeeeah!
I dont have words you know..

Asad said...

Peas are misers when it comes to taste. They taste of nothing. :/

Peas with mashed potatoes are another story, though. :)

Yours Truly said...


Nice post and wow! I never thought, there was anyone who hated peas as much as I do! Guess I was wrong. haha!

Yours Truly x =]

S. said...

@SaJ this principle can't be killed. it SHALL not be killed.

Eeshie said...

Congrats! I LOVE THIS BLOG!!! Especially "Just Around The River Bend."

Shreya Agarwal said...

Hey, you have received an award on my blog. Please do stop and check it out.
Here - http://doobie-dooba.blogspot.com/

Lulu said...

Naws I like peas ^^. Just not the rotten kind (do peas even rot o.0? I think they do..)

LionessWithoutAPride said...

Thanks for the Follow!

anummunaf said...

loved it <3
i simply loves ur friend alot :)

Anonymous said...

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IcE MaiDeN said...

I like peas!!!!! :D
Though the post made me guffaw :P

Blog hopped here! Nice blog :)


Ph_ said...

Congratulations on the award.
Funny post with A LOT of Peas :D
Enjoyed the read.

James the Giant Leach said...

lol it seems you have a pea fixation

Yours Truly said...


There's something for you on my new blog post! Check it out!

Yours Truly =] x

The Me. said...

i hate peas. I avoid them.

Crimson Coral said...

aww... i like peas... well it depends on my mood... sometimes i dont! =p

congrats on the award and comon try the peas or if you dont want to visit..

i posted a poem for a friend who is having a hard time with pea.. =p

Crimson Coral said...

aww... i like peas... well it depends on my mood... sometimes i dont! =p

congrats on the award and comon try the peas or if you dont want to visit..

i posted a poem for a friend who is having a hard time with pea.. =p

shaguftaabbas said...

And why dint I comment on this post? Hmm.

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

Congarts to all the tagged ppl.
And I adore peas,but surprisingly I haven't had any so far,in this year..:P

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