I Run To You

You’re still a voice you know. Just a vision in a dream. A mystic presence on Angel’s wings. The light from a far off star, leading me through the blackness of the night. But I’m listening. I’m learning. Learning to take some of the colours you radiate and paint them on that visage of you my imagination’s formed. Fill them in over the black and white. Add shadows where no light falls. Curves, where I know you’ll bend. Firm lines where you’re the strongest. Your Caramel-tinted eyes.

It’s risky business, I know. Quite unlike anything I’ve ever done before. Part of me’s still surprised why it took to you so readily. Part of me wants more. More than you’re prepared to give.

How foolish I sound with every wishful word! How you must pity me. A fool, you say! A fool in love. There aren’t any guarantees! Nothing’s fair at all! It’s just the joy of new found love! How easily you’ve fallen for this damsel, you say. But my smile knows a secret yours never will. My heart bursts into song. A Phoenix’s song. Not a sound you’ve ever heard before.

But I don’t really need you to speak. Your presence is all that matters. All I could want is to lie back with you on the warm grass. Watch the sun rise. Follow it across the sky. Watch it set softly in its crimson bed of joy. Watch the stars light up the sky. While the brightest of them is by my side.


Princess said...

Very beautiful ! Well written ...

Maria said...

I wonder why you're becoming a doc, is all. Amazing symbolism and imagery!
Loved the post! :)

SaJ said...

Thank You! :)

Haha,Thanks Maria :D
All credit goes to my source of inspiration. :)

Noor said...

it was....I am speechless!!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

You say you're the best, when you say nothing at all
Nice work, does she know?

Blasphemous Aesthete

SaJ said...


@Blasphemous Aesthete
Good One! Can't say. *grins*

Rahomie said...

i love the last paragraph. :)

brilliant. :)

SaJ said...

Me too Rahomie, me too.