Viva’s Galore


Enter the HOD. Or me really.
Jee Daac Sb! Daac Sb, you’re foreigner? No sir. Kidhar se hain? Rabwah Sir. Achaa Dr. Sb Rabwah kay loag to bohat intelligent hotay hain. Wahan Darul-Rahmat Gharbi 6/6 men mera aik dost Matiullah Cheema rehta tha…usay jaantay hain aap? No sir. Han to jaante bhi kaisay…wo to faut ho gya hai. Acha Mera batcha…enzymes ki classification sunao. To beta ye CPK kya hota hai…answered. Dr Sb. aap doctor ki aulaad to nahin? Yes sir. Haaaan….Kahan se graduate kiya Abbu nay? Allama Iqbal, Sir. Phir to meray class fellow hon gay, konsa batch? 80’s something sir. Han mera batcha…unko mera naam lena…wo mujhay jaantay hongay. Bulkay tum unko phone milao…han abhi milao.

On the phone:
Jee Daac Sb….main ne aap ko to aawaaaz se hi pehchan liya hai…kya haal hain aaap kay?? aaap ka batch konsa tha (86)…Acha mera batch 84 tha…wo Matiullah ki Sunaain? -long boring discussion of old fellows- *credit running out, credit running out!*  Acchaa, dr. Saab ye aap ka Ullo ka patha meray saamnay betha hai, issay kuch nahi aaata per main pass kar raha hon, issay…Ok daac Sb. Fee amaanallah.

And that was my viva.

What do I have to show for it? Three plus signs in front of my roll number. Heh. (weird grading system).

Sorry, Just felt like gloating a little :P
Wish the others had been this easy.
O and the look on people's faces. :D Hah.

PS- FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDUMMMMMM!!! :D *does a silly little jig of joy*


H.G. said...

Cool. You finally found someone who knew Rabwah. Viva's Galore... Wasn't even close to what happened to me... =P


Tazeen said...

He really called you a ukp? *doubles over laughing*

Gosh. Freedom must taste good. I'm enjoying the last moments of it. Finals next month.

SaJ said...

yeah surprising, ain't it? :P

I know! Nearly burst out laughing myself :D

Tiku said...

lol.. kash k mera b koi issi tarah jananay wala
nikal aye.. tu tou free ho gyA but mine starting on 27.. eid, bro's marriAge and papers.. what should i do? :'(

SaJ said...

Parrh bai keh, what else?? And leave that damn phone alone!! :D

AcetylCholine said...

My dad is not even a doctor. And my Biochem HOD hates me.

I'm dooooomed. :'(

F. said...

Three plus signs? Wow, that must be good.

• » ∂я.¢нιℓє ¢нєℓ¢ « • said...

lol u were supposed to study btw:p
yup that happens;(
agree@weird grading system...!!
all d best;)

n tell jj to study something or she'll come out crying.....plz pray 4 me i wanna pass....i dn know wht happens to her in vivas....!!
all d best to her;)

eid mubarak;)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

viva's are sometimes, rather most of the times, a formality.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha this reminds me of my FSC vivas.. I wish my engineering vivas were like this. :(

Noor said...

my chem viva teacher was such a dash! :P u are lucky! :D:D I hope credit agya ho :D

Noor said...

my chem viva teacher was such a dash! :P u are lucky! :D:D I hope credit agya ho :D