The excitement that comes with sudden inspiration. The eagerness in your fingers as they pause over the keys, in the instant it takes your brain to form the words your lips speak, your ears hear, your mind comprehends.
You smile.
It’s the smile of understanding.
As in finding something, lost long ago.
Like something that could turn the world
The other way around.

Yet you dare not pause, Lest the magic should run out.
Your breath comes in gasps. You’re half-crying now.
Suddenly you’re confused.
It doesn’t make any sense!
Should you believe it anyway?
Is it wrong? It can’t be!
What should you do?
You screw up your eyes.
Trying to remember. Where you went wrong.
You swallow the lump in your throat.
Listen to your harried breath.
Your eyes dart here and there.

Then you don’t get to…

“You rub your hands in glee.
A shiver of thrill runs down your spine.
And then it’s gone.
And you breathe,
A sudden sigh of relief.”

And the end is like the beginning.
You’re left unsure it even happened.
But gradually,
You believe.


ChickLitGirl said...

you're back eh?

this was nice.

SaJ said...

I'm back!:)
No, it wasn't. It was stupid.

Thinking said...


Tazeen said...

You need to believe in magic.