Hey all.
Thought I'd died and gone to heaven?
Turns out I'm still here.
Watever. Yay me.

Exams are half done with. Still have the Viva's and practicals. Will take about a week.
And then freedom!
Fudging, effin freedom.

Note much of a post.
Just to show I'm alive.
I'll finish off by writng something stupid like "to infinity and beyond!"
Cause madness has trangressed in my favour.
We're all mad anyway.
Blame it on the Koalas.

Oh and thats the date today.


Maria said...

The after exam feeling. Aaargh, I am so jealous.
I have a good sic-eight months before that happens to me, again.
Anyway, good luck for vivas :)

Jason Shaw said...

Yep you are still here and I'm glad to hear that.

All my good wishes,

Tazeen said...

Hello! *waves*

The date looks like some symmetrical Illuminati design. I didn't notice it yesterday.

We're all mad. It's true. Cheers to it! =P

Anonymous said...

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Sychh said...

Best of luck for your vivas! The date thing is pretty cool.

Roumopod said...

I wish you the best of luck. Rock them all.
Exams are fun, as long as we know they will end some day:)