Two Score

Me: Supply aagai to kia karon ga?
M1: Chilla kashi karo gay, aur kia.

Whereby I pleasently reminded her that she was the one who burst into tears duirng/after viva's. And she flew at me with her razor sharp new attitude coming from her latest bout of turning the tap loose in front of an examiner named Mustansar Billa. Yes, that's his real name.

I told her she was mad and for proof I showed her this message I'd come across while going through her phone. (hey, don't judge me! An ever constant source of amusement, it is).
"Yaar tumhare paas pregnant uterus hai?"

Apparently the next day, her batch also bagged the long slides with war-cries of  "my rectum!", "my testis!" and "my prostate!". Much to the the bewilderment of the lab attendants, me thinks.

Who said Histology was boring? Never a dull moment.

Rock Wars

Just in.
Apparently, I'm Stan in this WDIOTic post. Or so Slim says.
"You have enemies? Good, that means you stood up for something!"
What he forgot was that Slim killed Stan.
Or did he?

Sorry if this doesn't make any sense. Cause it just doesn't :P


The excitement that comes with sudden inspiration. The eagerness in your fingers as they pause over the keys, in the instant it takes your brain to form the words your lips speak, your ears hear, your mind comprehends.
You smile.
It’s the smile of understanding.
As in finding something, lost long ago.
Like something that could turn the world
The other way around.

Yet you dare not pause, Lest the magic should run out.
Your breath comes in gasps. You’re half-crying now.
Suddenly you’re confused.
It doesn’t make any sense!
Should you believe it anyway?
Is it wrong? It can’t be!
What should you do?
You screw up your eyes.
Trying to remember. Where you went wrong.
You swallow the lump in your throat.
Listen to your harried breath.
Your eyes dart here and there.

Then you don’t get to…

“You rub your hands in glee.
A shiver of thrill runs down your spine.
And then it’s gone.
And you breathe,
A sudden sigh of relief.”

And the end is like the beginning.
You’re left unsure it even happened.
But gradually,
You believe.

New Crazes

How I wasted today:

That's all. :)

Viva’s Galore


Enter the HOD. Or me really.
Jee Daac Sb! Daac Sb, you’re foreigner? No sir. Kidhar se hain? Rabwah Sir. Achaa Dr. Sb Rabwah kay loag to bohat intelligent hotay hain. Wahan Darul-Rahmat Gharbi 6/6 men mera aik dost Matiullah Cheema rehta tha…usay jaantay hain aap? No sir. Han to jaante bhi kaisay…wo to faut ho gya hai. Acha Mera batcha…enzymes ki classification sunao. To beta ye CPK kya hota hai…answered. Dr Sb. aap doctor ki aulaad to nahin? Yes sir. Haaaan….Kahan se graduate kiya Abbu nay? Allama Iqbal, Sir. Phir to meray class fellow hon gay, konsa batch? 80’s something sir. Han mera batcha…unko mera naam lena…wo mujhay jaantay hongay. Bulkay tum unko phone milao…han abhi milao.

On the phone:
Jee Daac Sb….main ne aap ko to aawaaaz se hi pehchan liya hai…kya haal hain aaap kay?? aaap ka batch konsa tha (86)…Acha mera batch 84 tha…wo Matiullah ki Sunaain? -long boring discussion of old fellows- *credit running out, credit running out!*  Acchaa, dr. Saab ye aap ka Ullo ka patha meray saamnay betha hai, issay kuch nahi aaata per main pass kar raha hon, issay…Ok daac Sb. Fee amaanallah.

And that was my viva.

What do I have to show for it? Three plus signs in front of my roll number. Heh. (weird grading system).

Sorry, Just felt like gloating a little :P
Wish the others had been this easy.
O and the look on people's faces. :D Hah.

PS- FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDUMMMMMM!!! :D *does a silly little jig of joy*


Hey all.
Thought I'd died and gone to heaven?
Turns out I'm still here.
Watever. Yay me.

Exams are half done with. Still have the Viva's and practicals. Will take about a week.
And then freedom!
Fudging, effin freedom.

Note much of a post.
Just to show I'm alive.
I'll finish off by writng something stupid like "to infinity and beyond!"
Cause madness has trangressed in my favour.
We're all mad anyway.
Blame it on the Koalas.

Oh and thats the date today.


Your Halloween Costume Should Be Jesus

Eerily, that fits somehow!

And that's when I answered:
"Freak out everyone so much that they're left wondering if you're acting or not."