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Today was the anatomy send-up. Which I didn't bother studying for in the least, except on the 2 hour trip back this morning. Needless to say, I'm expecting a Troll.

I was giving the paper and there was this skeleton in a glass case just outside the room. And it had this evil look, you know?

M1 woke up me up this morning and I was sleeping with my head on the histology atlas. And she was like, "And how'dya expect to learn all this? Osmosis?"
I don't know where she picked that up :)

My seniors at K.E. They want to go to China after the Profs. Dunno Why :s And they're telling me to come along or else =p So its all about China right now. They're even mapping out routes. I think I'll go if I flunk. Tsk tsk. So much on line! Hey maybe we'll meet Jackie Chan! Maybe he can teach me some moves. Cool XD

Here's a random fact: A leech has 32 brains. And this has got to be painfull:
Leeches are hermaphrodites, meaning each one of them has both female and male reproductive organs. Leeches reproduce by reciprocal fertilization, and sperm transfer occurs during copulation. The leech exercising the role of the male will grow a sperm sack near the end of its tail, and the leech playing the female will bite it off *horror*, thus reproducing.
Ouch, No? :D Okay, just a bit gross too. :)

ps - I'm not Joe...its what the British call their John Does. hahahaha :)


AcetylCholine said...

Loved the 'Troll' part. :D
I'll join you in China after i flunk my first prof as well.

Sidra Chaudhry said...

im so glad to be done with exams! *bhangra*
good luck for yours. 1st prof?

• » ∂я.¢нιℓє ¢нєℓ¢ « • said...

best ov luck 4 sendups;)
i guess il have to appear 4 em without prep too:(
dn feel like studying;)
what abt jj theeta:p

j.jay said...

what's with the leeches?
couldn't you find some other random fact to elaborate upon? ;p

Tazeen said...

You make medicine sound interesting. :D

Komal Ali said...

Reminds me of my 'bilogy' class. :)
You're so random.

Muhammad said...

btw...looking at their population and the competition over there i think china's the least favorable place for flunkers...

SaJ said...

yeah...J.Jay's coming too!
that'll make the trio of first prof flunkers :s

Yup...21 days and counting! :(

JJ theeta is climbing the walls right now!

what, like the moon for instance? :P and for all the people who're not going to get that, its hilarious :D

it is interesting!

Random's good :D

yeah...Pakistan's really the best for that lot, innit?

xehra said...

K.E is so cool. damn! so is ur blog :D

Sidrah said...

good luck..=D
my profs are coming soon, too -__- so i might go to China too *wink*

Anonymous said...

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