Eid-o-chronicle I

Went to Namaz. Met many people there. Came back home. Updated Status. Talked to some long lost friends. Ate some chaat. And vermicelli. Watched some Grey’s Anatomy. Ate some more chaat. Went and buggered M1 about the Moon :D She didn’t take the bait. :p Listened to sad love songs. Mom’s in the kitchen. She’s making kheer. Thought about what I usually do at Eid. Didn’t work. Went and shot some hoops. Went to my neighbour’s place. He wasn’t home =\ Everyone’s out of city.

I need to learn Karate. I’m good on my feet.

N’s found some spray paint. We’re gonna chrome up the car.

Dad’s calling people up. Wishing em Eid.

Nani Ami’s with us this eid. Her first eid alone. =/

Have a party to go to tonight. It’ll be fun. I know it.

Too many scents in the air. Makes breathing difficult.

Just gave directions to someone for our home. So gotta go now. They’ll be here soon.

Bye then bloggers! And EID MUBARIK 


Salman Saeed said...

Eid Mubarak :)

Salman Saeed said...

Eid Mubarak :)

Anum said...

that's kinda sad. bloggin on eid.

SaJ said...

Khair Mubarik Salman! =D

No its not :p my eid just had a slow start. its catching up now :)
what's sad is commenting on eid! hahahaha :D

• » ∂я.¢нιℓє ¢нєℓ¢ « • said...

good one@comment on eid:p

Sidrah said...

Happy eid ^^

majworld said...

belated eid mubarak :)

YWB said...

LOLLLL we all pretty much had the same Eid like yours my dear silent reader LOLLL