Joe Bloggs

Today was the anatomy send-up. Which I didn't bother studying for in the least, except on the 2 hour trip back this morning. Needless to say, I'm expecting a Troll.

I was giving the paper and there was this skeleton in a glass case just outside the room. And it had this evil look, you know?

M1 woke up me up this morning and I was sleeping with my head on the histology atlas. And she was like, "And how'dya expect to learn all this? Osmosis?"
I don't know where she picked that up :)

My seniors at K.E. They want to go to China after the Profs. Dunno Why :s And they're telling me to come along or else =p So its all about China right now. They're even mapping out routes. I think I'll go if I flunk. Tsk tsk. So much on line! Hey maybe we'll meet Jackie Chan! Maybe he can teach me some moves. Cool XD

Here's a random fact: A leech has 32 brains. And this has got to be painfull:
Leeches are hermaphrodites, meaning each one of them has both female and male reproductive organs. Leeches reproduce by reciprocal fertilization, and sperm transfer occurs during copulation. The leech exercising the role of the male will grow a sperm sack near the end of its tail, and the leech playing the female will bite it off *horror*, thus reproducing.
Ouch, No? :D Okay, just a bit gross too. :)

ps - I'm not Joe...its what the British call their John Does. hahahaha :)

The Crooked Colours

No matter how hard you look, relationships everywhere are being dealt with like business. Gone is the once so common sincerity and vitality of emotions that was all you needed to get by in life, which makes you wonder if it ever even existed, to be replaced by something so crude, so almost has a sense of beauty to it !

Which is why you stop and stare at the ugly face of this horror, not privy to the repulsion arising inside you that is only just masking the sense of beauty and awe it reflects. And the more you look upon it, the less wretched it seems...till at last your eyes see only what your mind wants them to see.

And then right there is where you've converted. Gone over to the dark side if you like.

You Paint the World with Deep Colors

You are a true individual. You are very unique.

Your friends can count on you to be expressive. You're never at a loss for words.

You are a truly warm person ... though sometimes you can be a bit selfish.

You are keyed into your emotions and easily moved. You are quite sensitive.

Eid-o-chronicle I

Went to Namaz. Met many people there. Came back home. Updated Status. Talked to some long lost friends. Ate some chaat. And vermicelli. Watched some Grey’s Anatomy. Ate some more chaat. Went and buggered M1 about the Moon :D She didn’t take the bait. :p Listened to sad love songs. Mom’s in the kitchen. She’s making kheer. Thought about what I usually do at Eid. Didn’t work. Went and shot some hoops. Went to my neighbour’s place. He wasn’t home =\ Everyone’s out of city.

I need to learn Karate. I’m good on my feet.

N’s found some spray paint. We’re gonna chrome up the car.

Dad’s calling people up. Wishing em Eid.

Nani Ami’s with us this eid. Her first eid alone. =/

Have a party to go to tonight. It’ll be fun. I know it.

Too many scents in the air. Makes breathing difficult.

Just gave directions to someone for our home. So gotta go now. They’ll be here soon.

Bye then bloggers! And EID MUBARIK 
Today was hectic. Or yesterday now. Which reminds me that I’ve been awake for more than 27 hours now. Yesterday was the brain stage you see. And that’s the major reason for any insomnia.

Neuro-anatomy was a strange experience. Before, the Head & Neck was interesting, but a bit dry. There was no mystery. No fear of the unknown. No point where you wondered what would happen if things had happened differently. Nothing that couldn’t be reversed to a great extent.

But enter the cranial cavity and it’s a whole different story. There is exhilaration as you piece together the way you think. The way you walk, the way you talk, the way you live your life. Clues scattered everywhere, that lead to a trail, which disappears deep into the forest. Only the brave dare follow.

It’s so full of feelings for instance. All the explanations of everything people do, the reasons behind the drive of life. The basic urges, the emotions, the reactions. And it all morphs into a very beautiful little being that we all are. But once again you’re reminded of the fragility of the body, and within it, the mind. Suddenly everything seems so breakable. So many things seem probable to go wrong. Danger lurks around every corner. A feeling of insecurity grips you as you feel helpless in the face of the monster that is not nature, but manmade. The world was so much simpler when the only vegetables you knew were the ones you could eat.

On the way back home, I was surrounded by babies. It felt like a mini-baby shower. Babies are toxic. They make you smile. They make you fling non-sense right back at them. They make you draw your muscles of facial expression derived from the 2nd pharyngeal arch and innervated by the 7th Cranial or Facial Nerve, into every possible ridiculous manner, all to lock those smiles.

I’m rambling again.

There was a huge man who sat quietly in the corner. He looked a bit like this.

Too bad he didn’t have a Leia on a chain.

Oh and I passed the stage. 60. J.Jay's fuming. :)

Pia Matters

Preparing for the soon-to-be Brain Stage:

Wish they could've seen famous Harry Potter today. Wandering lost in the chamber of horror (read dissection hall) with brains floating all around that yearned to wrap their tentacles around him while he struggled to spot anything at all.
Let alone golden snitches with wings.
Blank page that ate me up.
So all I write is this.
I'm wasted now
There's no more flux
I'll be back when there is spring.

I'll leave you well,
with things unsaid
and best left that way
cause I ain't makin any sense
but you listen so good!
I wanna say it again.
I'll be back when there is rain.

Gotta go now bloggie
be safe, be happy
and get lots of readers
and comments so many
they make me smile again :)
Come summer
come winter
I'll be back again :D