Things are extremely weird right now.

The momentary sense of direction that had been leading me through the darkness of the ravine, in its soft naphtha wake, has faded away. Almost as if to say, that no. The path you want to choose, you must decide your self. This is about as far as we go together. Or how about knocking on all those doors for once. Just to see what opens up. Just to catch a glimpse of what its really like to be inside. Just to stop you from raving about like a fool. To put life in your heart once again. Or heart in your life maybe. To give that spring to your step. To show you the rewards that lie on the other side of the river. The very river in which lie the crocodiles and serpents that will rip your head off should you dare even approach. Yet all you have to do is cross.


majworld said...

juz have faith and u ll cross the other side of river..

Alec Lindsay said...

I've a sort of feeling that you have to go with opportunity when it presents itself. Yes, you try to think it through but that in itself can result in inaction. Sometimes you can be over-cerebral. So you open the doors and go through if it looks good. You can't always know if it's right, you have at some point to have faith. As for the crocodiles and serpents in the river, one approach is to fool them into thinking that you are also a crocodile or serpent. That way they'll let you pass.
Do you know, all this is the opposite of what I am, and how I behave! Perhaps I should listen to myself more. Love, Alec

SaJ said...

Why are you always so right Alec? :)
Now I'll have to read ''impersonating a crocodile 101''