"The temporal bone. 
Its petrous part. At the apex. 
Which pharyngeal muscle arises from here?"

I knew the answer.
Except that it was slightly off.
The levator veli palatini was certainly a muscle.
Also, it did rise right from the apex of said petrous part of the temporal bone.
It was however, certainly not a muscle of the pharynx.

So after puzzling over it for half a minute, said I didn't know as meekly as possible. (tip from a certain 2nd year student concerning Sir.Jalal given seconds before)  And we moved on. Kept my head down though, like a good boy.

Realization hit later that I might have been half right.
The correct answer was none.
Talk about Irony.


Tazeen said...

Argh. Frustrating.

majworld said...

it always happens in vivas :)

Anonymous said...


Sidra Ch. said...

hayeee, prof? =/

Anonymous Someone said...

Better than saying a wrong answer. No negative grades for not attempting. :P

Anonymous said...

'The things that are known may be important, but the things that are not known may be vital.' Herbert Spencer. I don't mean he's the one sending you this pearl! That's me! Love, Alec.

J Jay. said...

good one!!!!
actually didn't know about that!
asked the same question from my friends......and they fell right into it!!!!
wasted an hour infact trying to find the muscle!!!!:)

SaJ said...

Very much Tazeen, very very much.

Salman. *sigh* what can I say.

yup. viva's wouldn't be viva's without em!

I suppose so...but the answer was so obvious later!

Fast approaching Sidra...but these lament the Head & Neck Stage.

thanks. I'm finding that out now!

@J Jay.
haha, should've asked me!
question. why are you home again? =/
and leave some of those discs for me>!

Sidrah said...

I HATE hate hate anatomy =D so glad am done with it ^^

I so hate these trick questions too =P

Sana Castellano said...

=[ You reminded me of my viva.

Afaque said...

Viva's give me shivers for sure.....

• » ∂я.¢нιℓє ¢нєℓ¢ « • said...

wasted an hour infact trying to find the muscle!!!!:)
yeah jJ !!
an hour:(!!