Rant x Rant = Rant-a-Tant

"For certain, you have to be lost to find a place as can't be found. 
Elseways, anyone could find it."

So its official. I've passed the dreaded stage and i'm not too proud of it.
Infact, I don't even want to think about it.

There is an amazing feeling of being disconnected from most of the people around me. They just don't think like I do. They certainly don't act like me either. And that's not in just a thing or two. It's like they really are from another planet. Which grimly leads to the conclusion that either I'm raving mad or else they've all gone barmy. And I wouldn't vote for me.

"Allow me to lend a machete to your intellectual thicket."

There is the question of talking for instance. People talk about stupid, strange things all the time. Me. I'd rather keep my thoughts to myself. Unless there is a use for me opening my stupid mouth and spilling beans of all colours everywhere. Not to mention showing my girdled smile.

And its amazing because it helps me keep perspective (or at least I like to think so). While they go on about non-senseless bat shit, I observe them and mock their stupid selves for being so dependent upon paltry things like talk. Empty pots. Loud mouths. They talk cause they're afraid of being left out. But what do you do when you're literally pushed out?

Then there is cricket. For the last time. The only cricket that is interesting is the one that you play yourself.  Which doesn't necessarily have to be in the open field right underneath the summer sun with sweat rolling off you in torrents. And I'm certainly not interested in conspiracy theories about Wasim Akram and how he pulled W. Younus off the band-wagon too, how many times the Aussies've won that shiny little trophy or that Muhammad Amir is gay.
That would only mean he's going to get faster, wouldn't it?

My Mamo (mums's little brother) just got engaged. To whom? I nearly doubled up with laughter when I heard that my 'MumanI' (wait for it) was my senior from De'mont! Imagine that! Ah well. She goes on my list of inside sources to the dreaded institution.

I helped a blind man cross the street today.

Roza's do strange things to me. And they make me dream vivid. Even the dream diary refuses to believe after you write that in your latest gest you were exchanging wedding vows with Kiera Knightley while cannon balls swooshed past your ear as you fought off un-dead pirates and all the while...

In the middle of the dramatic battle...
Sajeel: Elizabeth! [fights, grabs Elizabeth] Elizabeth, will you marry me?
She stares at him for a moment. Then they fight off some people.
Elizabeth: I don't think now's the best time.
They fight some more people.
Sajeel: Now may be the only time.
They fight yet some more people.
Sajeel: I love you. [fighting] I've made my choice. What's yours?
Elizabeth: Barbossa, marry us!
Barbossa: [while fending off someone] I'm a little busy at the moment!

Weird. No?

Time to go. Toodles, people.


AL said...

HAHHAHAHAHA loved the ending!!!

Anuradha said...


The ending was awesome.

J.Jay said...

kiera knightely???????
in your dreams!:P

Roumopod said...

lol..how rude of barbossa

NEO said...

By the grace of ALLAH I cleared my semester lately,feeling very cool too!!!!

But buddy who told U M.Aamir is Gay????

Blogs Awesome every part of it....;-p

May Ur Aunt bring peace to U.....


Tazeen said...

Hahahah... wedding vows with Ms. Knightly? :D

By the way, I think it's a good experience to help a blind person cross the street. I can never forget mine :)

H.G said...

I know i oughtn't to but take me as a layabout for a sec who hankered after...
aloha Stan..
and i outta know that this wud be cold shouldered...

Alec Lindsay said...

Everyone I know thinks like you Sajeel. Even I think like you. Why do you think the world's in the state it's in? And Muhammad Amir is gay? Now he tells me! Be still my beating heart. Love, Alec

SaJ said...

Thanks AL, Anuradha. Waitin for it to come true! ;)

Yea. Yea! Stop jumpin around so much sis. Had to delete 5 ov your comments. And if you're allowed than so am I =]

Pirate! :D

congrats on the semester! lucky you! Gearing up for the Prof here! :( rumours all around...*a little birdie told me* (winks)

I dream big ;)

if it were, you'd know the reason, no?
not unwelcome though, your hankering.

@Alec...so is Fickle Cattle ;) check him out...Oops. I don't mean literally! ;)

Tazeen said...

You sure do :D

H.G said...

Aargh! you didn't get it.. never mind..

H.G said...

Aargh! you didn't get it.. never mind..

H.G said...

Aargh! you didn't get it.. never mind..