I like twitter trends. Some days back it was Hayley Williams. Right now its Avada Kedavra.

'Knock knock.'
'Who's there?'
'You Know.'
'You Know Who?'
'Yes, haha! AVADA KEDAVRA!'

I'm also liking formspring right now. Asking people stupid questions without being nosy is fun ;)

A girl fainted in class today. Well nearly. She fell down and the professor (physiology) rushed over and everybody was flustered for a moment. I bet no one in my stupid class even knows CPR.
I'm studying ketone bodies right now. There are three of em.
I missed TEDxLahore. It sounded good. Would've loved to go. Technology. Engineering. Design. At least that's what I think it stands for.
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Someone called me head strong today... :s
Its cloudy outside. And windy. Maybe it'll rain. It rained yesterday for 5 minutes ;(
2 months to the Profs. Hell.

ps. my head is eating circles is the translation for "mera sir chakraa raha hai". :D


Tazeen said...

I had to laugh at the joke in the beginning :P Seriously, I forgot all this HP stuff after the novels ended. It's fun to be reading about it all again :D

I like your disconnected thoughts.

majworld said...

LOL..tough medical studies :S..nd love TEDx.innovative ideas we need..gudluck for the profs..

ChickLitGirl said...

that joke is old now.

haha I have one:

Why did Snape stand in the middle of the road?

So no one could tell which side he was on.

Sara M. said...

I love HP jokes, been a while since I heard some though.

Thank you for your incomplete thoughts. Now I know I'm not the only one.

SaJ said...

Thanks Tazeen & Maj ;)

Nice one, CLG :D

Oh everyone has em Sara. They help us think, me thinks! =]

Amna K said...

You shouldn't have missed TEDXLahore. It was great!