La La La Laaa La

There is an angry red boil on my nose that has fallen so much in love with my ala that it absolutely refuses to go away. And its been a week.
Now ordinarily, I would've been the least concerned and would probably have bought a wig, stuck a tomato on my nose and shown off my cool juggling skills to the world.

But that was before I read this.
Any infection on your face, such as infection from a pimple or boil in the nostril or on the upper lip or nose, may cause inflammation (swelling) in that area. This is called cellulitis  
From this inflammation, infection may spread to one of the cavernous sinuses. If this happens, the blood in the sinus may turn into an infected clot
Cavernouse sinus thrombosis can be life-threatening and requires immediate treatment.Any infections from this area can cause eye and vision problems, headaches, fever, neck stiffness, etc. It can lead to complications like blindness, paralysis of face, meningitis, sepsis and possibly death.

Possibly death? No No NO! I'm too young to die! :)
But I am a hypochondriac. And I discovered there is even a hypo-chondriac region in the abdomen. See?

So right after those powerful words, strange aches and pains of a hitherto unknown nature started springing up and so after some hasty pathological research which showed my enemy to be Staphylococcus aureus, I swallowed some pills and so Ampiclox is my new bff now.

In other news.
OMG! I just realised I have Medical students' disease! Just like JKJ in three men and a boat. Cool!
Sh*t.That made me forget the other news.
So. The Anatomy Stage. It's not going that well. =/ Hope I pass.

Staphylococcus aureus incidently looks like this. Not bad for a filthy-boil-causing-facultatively aerobic-grampositive-coccus-making-me-take-antibiotics little bacterium, don't ya think? Hmmph.

ps. can't get why i'm ranting on about stupid boils and bacterias and stages and whatnot. bear with me.
pps. I feel like singing today. Don't know why. :D


Tazeen said...

Hahahaha... it's fun to read all these crazy medical terms :D Plus the cloe-up of the boil actually looks pretty :D

And don't worry. You can't die. You have too many horcruxes :P

Sidra Chaudhry said...

to add to this, the infection may spread from the facial vein into the inferior opthalmic vein and then eventually into the cavernous sinus :P so don't irritate the boil much and get well soon! :)

Afaque said...

R U people here to write new books about medical science???;-p

Dn't worry buddy U cn't die that easy!!!!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

hhahahaha...I never knew a boil could be life threatening.

And if you feel like singing, then sing aloud...

Oh and medicine? Even biology was overhead for us.

S. said...

see...this is what happens when you turn to clinical anatomy.

Fickle Cattle said...

That picture, as well as this post, just made the hair at the back of my neck rise.

majworld said...

studies are taking toll on u i guess :p gudluck :)

SaJ said...

true! hadn't really thought of that.
Too many? I have TWO. Just cause i'm evil don't mean I'm Mr. Lordy. Hmph. :)

Haha, Sidrah. I knew that ;) Don't think I didn't cause I did! and even had viva on it today! Hah.;)

Afaque, my man! O we're gonna rip it out by the roots and plant it on Gaga's head :) (its not wrong though - you should know!)

Admit it. you still like reading it, don't ya? ;)

and not a moment too soon.
At least we're not doin the other regions. God knows what I'd dream up then!

@Fickle Cattle
I'm shocking like that ;)

Thanks Maj :) They always do!

Tazeen said...

Mr Lordy :D Sounds cute! Oh okay. I give up. You're not that evil :) *fingers crossed behind back* :P

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Do I, am not that sure about. :P

Anonymous said...

So you've got a spot. What do you want me to do? Kiss it better? I can't believe I even formulated that thought! Saj, get a grip, and don't you dare diss the amazing GaGa. Unless, of course, your singing can outshine that wondrous star. Love, Alec xx p.s. Try elderflower balm, a really up-to-the-minute highly scientific remedy! Not!

ChickLitGirl said...

I always feel like singing.