Got this in an e-mail. Thought i'd share.

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Sorry for it being in Urdu. Didn't get a chance to translate yet.


Anuradha said...

Translation soon, please?
I can't read Urdu.

Sidra Chaudhry said...

i only understood one thing, i think.

"zaroori nahi har mubarak cheez apni saari shakal mein hee khush kun bhi ho"

and i agreeeeeee. =/

Sidrah said...

am afraid my urdu has gone a bit rusty =o

puzzled said...

this is what caused the flood.
these will come in future with greater magnitudes.
1)this dream or revelation speaks of no time limit.so flood that may come at any time in indus can be used as its verification.And this is what happened 50 years after.
2)the present flood came in all provinces not just sindh and balochistan
3)how can you differentiate it from the effects of global warming

Anonymous said...

Answers. @puzzled

1. The article you mentioned itself quotes that a disaster of this magnitude in Pakistan is a first. Even if it had happened 2 days after or two centuries, you would've still said the same thing. So unless another disaster even more devastating than this strikes, this does stand for the revelation's truth.
The explanation also mentions "such a huge sign or many such signs".

2. The actual line is "I will show bilateral/equal/balanced signs from Sindh to Pinjab. And the text that follows says, on both sides of the River Indus, which does flow along the entire length of Pakistan. See:

3. I say don't differentiate it from the effects of global warming. In fact that might actually be the real reason for it! What needs to be understood here is simply that God doesn't really do magic. (it is either possible or in some cases the incident is metaphorical) Or that his signs are not so clear that the average mind can interpret. If they were there wouldn't be need for further argument! But that does not mean that every thing that has happened is not to a great extent logically explainable. But if you do believe in a higher being, you know the question you should ask yourself.

"Temperatures are rising four times faster than elsewhere in China, and the Tibetan glaciers are retreating at a higher speed than in any other part of the world.... In the short term, this will cause lakes to expand and bring floods and mudflows. . . . In the long run, the glaciers are vital lifelines of the Indus River. Once they vanish, water supplies in Pakistan will be in peril."[3] Wikipedia.

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puzzled said...

this flood is a result of global warming you cannot just put vague prophecies or dreams on it.
this itself becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.its general saying.this is not a first flood in sindh and punjab.sindh is a target of floods caused by indus and they occur frequently.so me telling you a big flood will come without specifying date and time how can it become a prophecy.
this flood has struck with equal intensity in nwfp and balochistan punjab and sindh and words of prophecy just say a bilateral sign of equal magnitude on both sides....no mention of flood + it states from sindh to punjab...
you the water flows from north to south not south to north..

Nostalgic said...

Well, what's the gest? My urdu sucks :(

Afaque said...

My father made me listen a whole 10 minutes speech on this topic delivered by himself!!!;-p