Biochem Addles [o]

On trying to explain Faraday's cage to M2:
"...actually they got this idea from the chylomicrons which incidentally have a central hydrophobic lipid core surrounded by a hydrophillic shell of phospholipids with their polar portions on the surface that makes them soluble in aqueous solutions so they smuggle the lipid core along as well which the port authorities really hate but the pirates need the money and so in this case what's on the surface is what really counts while the crux goes along for a free ride and repays the mateys instead by drinking up all their rum. And all it says when confronted is Parley! "
M2: (O_o)?
Me: Oh. My bad.


Alec Lindsay said...

Loved it, over and over again! Weird is obviously good!

AZ said...

Haha. This was awesome so now I'mma make a phospholipid bilayer.

O==== ====O

Sidrah said...

you in 1st year? Am so glad am done with this biochemistry! It was easy but i hated it -__-
you can give tutions, you know =P

Anonymous Someone said...

what just happened? o_O? am dumbstruck.

MK said...

Haha, does any of this make actual sense? :P

SaJ said...

Thanks Alec.
And weird's what works :)

didn't know that.
Here's a vertical one.



SaJ said...



there you go.

SaJ said...

Damn. Why is it doing that?!!!

yup. you should be! Easy! In what world..(O_o)?'d run :)

hah :) biochem can do that!

it does if you read it backwards, skipping every third word ;)

Saaleha said...

I tried reading it backward and skipping every third word, still didn't make any sense =/ haha

Anuradha said...

Love it. :D

Thinking said...

hmm..dont know what you are talking about as I never read wanted to mark my attendance...

So I am present...

SaJ said...

Haha, Saleeha.
Somehow it did after all that rum ;)

Thanks Anuradha :)

no proxies? :D

Anonymous said...

i have enjoyed reading thank for sharing your story Greeting.