we should welcome death. 
we should rejoice 
that the person has made it from this world,
living as good a life as can be. 
we should weep 
but our tears should be of joy,
not remorse. 
we should honour them
and the things they did in this world 
and strive to do the same. 

we should welcome death as we welcome the rain. 
we know it'll put a temporary stop to things, 
but we remember the weather before it. 
we remember the last rain like it. 
we watch the rain drops split.
we watch as they journey,
all to the same place.
we know they will rise again

we watch as it descends in sheets and torrents 
leaving everything fresh and nascent.
signifying something greater than just 
something higher than we can comprehend. 
something so elusive, so obscure 
we dare nor pursue as it flashes past 
and leaves us swaying in its wake.



H.G said...

Beautifully written..

SaJ said...

something's missing :P

Jason Shaw said...


SaJ said...

Thanks Jason :)

Anonymous Someone said...

They leave to a mysterious place, where they are more wanted, we bow to them as they transit.

Nice Read

Blasphemous Aesthete

SaJ said...

Thanks Anonymous Someone. :)

Just saw a tweet
"Hindus cremate their kin; Muslims and Christians bury them; atheists are left with using the goddamn phone."

Tazeen said...

This is so beautiful! :) Just read it and loved it. Really.