Of Days Gone...

Wrote this before the holidays, which incidentally are coming to a close...I didn’t get to go anywhere this summer... :(

I'm waiting for the holidays,
O i'm waiting so eagerly
i'm thinking of going snorkelling,
or trekking the globe maybe.

I'll take my compass with me,
and let it point the way
perhaps you'll come with me
but perhaps you'd be too scared.

I'd spend my days in bliss,
wandering from place to place
i'd take dozens of pics,
and develop 'em all by hand.

I'd see them pretty places,
and let them soothe my senses
i'd go around the world,
and i'd love it all the more.

And then the signs of wrath,
of calamities struck, disasters befall
and i'd learn the lesson from it all
and then be bad no more.

I'd return a wiser man,
though some may say a fool
"rather a fool to make me happy,
than experience to make me sad."


H.G. said...

Atleast you went to the OT..
thats a braggy something if you ask me... ;)

Rahomie said...

wooo. I wanna do everything mentioned in your poem :D

Sigh. I didn't go anywhere either :(

Anonymous said...

I'm not going anywhere either. It's so hot here right now, and the office is baking. I dream of cool winds, even snow. The summer holidays (for school, colleges, universities, etc.) are only just starting here, so clearly things are ordered differently here from there. The plan sound brilliant. I hope you do it soon, although I doubt you're really bad. Love, Alec

Anonymous said...

very well written..especially the last stanza was too gud :)

SaJ said...

Thanks Majworld...welcome to the Blog :)