A license to drive,
To shoot,
To fly.

A license to heal,
To practice law,
A license for everything,
That I’d like to try.

But only one I have,
And I know not how,
How to use it well,
Maybe, this is how.

It’ll come to me,
If myself,
I lose in the flow,
If I breathe no more,
If my eyes,
I close once more,
And dream, and dream,
Till I dream no more.

And when I wake up,
A poetic license,
Would be all I’d need show.

a spur of the moment thingy cause i can't sleep and cause i learned 'bout guns today and cause Mom wouldn't let me drive cause there were too many "bobbies" around...*sigh*


Rahomie said...

license to kill?

SaJ said...

apparently that's something you don't need one for...
or just 00 works too.

H.G said...

opposite case here..
bobbies don't let me drive coz there're too many moms around... ;)
nice Spur though...

SaJ said...

thanks :)
so even the moms aren't safe from you...;p
tsk tsk :D

Anonymous said...

I've got a bumper sticker sent to me by someone in the US (not yet put it on my car, I hasten to add!), 'So many pedestrians, so little time'! I just loved the poem by the way. A very neat resolution. Love, Alec

Anonymous said...

Been thinking about the 'poetic license'. Not that I'm saying anything against your poem, but some of the stuff I read (and write) is so bad that I begin to think that licensing poets might not be a bad idea. xx

SaJ said...

Put the sticker on!!!
as clarkson says, pedestrians have no right to be on the road...they don't pay roadtax, do they?? :P

Anonymous said...

i like your blog. =) please check out mine and follow if you wish:

Jason Shaw said...

I agree, Alec put that bumper sticker on the broombroom!

I liked your words, muchly.

Komal Ali said...

Neat poem. :) I like the flow.
Thanks for following m blog.