Awake! Arise!

I’ve been lying on my favorite couch by the window. A pen and paper in my hand I have, and more litter the floor, as I write and tear them off the pad. In the background plays, Abida Parveen’s “Nigah-e-Darwaishaan”.
M calls it my warming up.

I fell asleep right there after those lines. There were plenty more, believe me, but that was just crazy, malignant stuff you couldn’t make head or tail of. Reading that would have been like trying to imagine a plane that flies on solar juice. Possible, but only just. Yet they did it.
Anyways, I seem to be leaning more towards rhyme than reason.
Presented here, the latest:

Arise! Great Spirit! Lay back no more!
Your days of resentment must draw to a close.
The despair in your heart must conquer no more.
Even when all you can see,
Is the sea, but no shore!
Arise! There is news for you paramour!

It’s incomplete cause I got stuck. I still don’t know why I’m going on about nothing. Yet I dare not regress. I’ve taken to writing old fashioned style again. Your basic quill-parchment scenario. Got sick of staring at the screen all day. I’ll speech to text it when I’m done.


H.G. said...

Whenever i read you, im reminded of shakespeare... donno why..

SaJ said...

That's great. Just what the world needs...:p
Great minds think alike...:)

Rahomie said...

i like :)

OC said...

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Alec Lindsay said...

Good advice, Sajeel, but what is the news? Love, Alec ;]

SaJ said...

Still working on that Alec =)
Like I said, I got stuck.

Thinking said...

hmm...I must say you are good in poetry.

Your poetry has some messages too...which is far more better than chasing a girl type poetry....

hmm...thanks for sharing and will wait for you to


SaJ said...

Thanks Thinking ;)

Alec Lindsay said...

Hmmm! Don't you think, Thinking, that this might be 'chasing a girl' poetry?