All time High

WARNING: not for the weak hearted....seriously!

Surgery’s always exhilarating.
True, it wasn’t so the first time, which I vaguely remember to have fled when I started feeling woozy, too ashamed to admit it.

Yesterday there was a Maxillofacial Surgeon over from Islamabad. (He did his FCPS from my college too.) He was on volunteer work for two days here at Fazle-Omar Hospital (remembered your stance Alec :) which is run by the Community and provides free treatment to deserving patients. I’d met him before at the AMA convention, courtesy the orthodontist cousin (did I mention the wires on my teeth???), and he added me on Facebook! So he liked some of my work and we kept in touch.

So of I went to the OT! And I’m sorry but I’m gonna have to bore you with details. Patient no.1 had some calcification in his Wharton’s duct (of the sub-mandibular gland) and when he opened it up, it had damaged the gland too, so out it came. Gland excision with sialolithotomy. That’s the official name. Took pictures. Here you go, K.…proof I was indeed there :p (that's me in the blue scrubs).

And here's the gland itself:

The second had huge swelling in the Parotid region. But the procedure was long 4-5 hours at least…so they decided to it today.
And as luck would have it, I had to run back to Lahore today, some last minute issues, so I missed the 2nd surgery!!!  Still, I’ve got the pictures but there is however, a slight problem.

I’m afraid they are just not publishable.

Why not you may then ask?

Because it is interesting, but incredibly gross. Because they literally took half his face off! Just like in the Nicholas Cage movie! I will however show you the down-sized-de-colour-blooded version...

Dad says he was extremely good. You’d understand if ya saw all the pics. Wide excision, partial mandibulectomy with maxillectomy.

I’m so mad I missed out on this! :-(


H.G said... incredible

SaJ said...

I Know! :)
temme if you want the really gross pics :s

H.G said...

yeah mail me...:)
this is really spectacular...
o..and what r u doing in lhr?
and whats AMA ?

Saaleha said...

You're a surgeon?


My cousin is one, she gave me a pair of her scrubs which I now wear all the time. haha

SaJ said...

viewer discretion is advised :P
the enevitable ofcourse....uhs forms!
and thats OUR (A) Medical Association.

SaJ said...

I Wish!!!
But i will be one...insahallah. Just in 1st year now...looooong way ahead...
And do be careful...don't you scare the fishies! (:

Jason Shaw said...

Very impressive, as is your infectious enthusiasm.

SaJ said...

Thanks Jason :)
So you're gearing up for surgery too? :p

Haris said...

hmm... uhs... ;) and ur not so ambivalent.. :)
AMA.. hmmm... y so hole-and-corner...
P.S. : still waiting for the mail.. ;)

Haris said...

hmm... uhs... ;) and ur not so ambivalent.. :)
AMA.. hmmm... y so hole-and-corner...
P.S. : still waiting for the mail.. ;)

Maria said...

This is so freaking awesome!
Sad you had to minimal-size those pictures.
It doesn't just sound... it IS so cool!

SaJ said...

Thanks Maria :)
Trust me, not many could've seen their larger versions!
without consequences that is.
Two of the sisters had to jump ship during the procedure...!

nikita said...

its terrribly scary.....

i would have fainted had i been there...

anywez...gud luck dear...

SaJ said...

Thanks Nikita :)

Case in point...:D

Best Boy said...

really sajeel excellent as usual...i am very much impressed.before that i was much confuse that i should carry on with BDS or not but now i have decided i will do the thing i am doing and will specialize in maxillofacial surgery