When there's a will, there's a way

I begin with the weather. It was very lovely with the rain and all so we decided to hit the road. A sort of working holiday as there was also work to be done. But there was the question of the mob, which we addressed by leaving them at The Lodge (can’t tell what that is now).

Faisalabad isn’t far. Hardly 50 km. But with dad’s driving (which mom can’t stand at all) it took us nearly an hour, though the road was partly to blame. We picked up the passports, went to PMC, PINUM and the education board, and contrary to expectations, were done before we knew it.

Dad had to get back to the hospital by Juma. With everybody on red alert and no cover without him there, so we started back with just a quick stop at metro where I ran into some old friends () and we met M’s anatomy demo.

Our absence, meanwhile was starting to get noticed. It began with the simple “where are you?” s but before long we were being harangued by the mob.

“You people disgust me with your lies. Just like the servant then eh. Just tell us. What can we do about now. You people are in FSD. arent you. Come on. Whats on your mind. Cant think of an excuse. To shut me up.”

And so the storm gathered momentum.

“Everybody knows that you were such big fools to ever leave us here you know you should have taken us. Here you beggin for a second chance we aint gonna let you in yove been runin from the truth nw ure gonna cm bck 2 us.”

And then they started getting wise.
“Hear that?”
“Hear what?”
“You people are so not home. We’ve been callin for ages. Chor ki dari me tinka , sharm ka muqaam!”

I’m thinking it’s safe to say that this, will not work again.


Alec Lindsay said...

I shall slow your flow. I'm feeling so stooopid! You write for readers who know. PMC? PINUM? Why shouldn't you be absent? Noticed by whom? I feel adrift, Sajeel, Like I came in halfway through a book, or a life.

Jason Shaw said...

I can only but second the lovely Alec's comment. I am I fear stuuuupider than he.

But, on a positive side, I like the photo.

SaJ said...

Sorry Guys!
I forget people don't know what i'm talking about. Looks like i'll have to do something about it...

SaJ said...

PMC: Punjab Medical College
PINUM: Punjab Institute of Nuclear Medicine
The rest of ma family are doctors...including me soon!

and the Mob as you might have guessed are my younger brother and sister. they were spending the night with family and we didn't want em to make a fuss. :)

Alec Lindsay said...

Enlightenment dawns, O Sajeel. Simple really. Think I may now feel even more stoooopid! I like the hint of reprimand in 'might have guessed'. I must learn to stop asking for explanations. That way I can appear more intelligent. I must keep in mind that not knowing leads to a fuller fantasy life. Anyway thanks Doc! xx

H.G said...


be careful what you wish for
'Cause you just might get it
And if you get it then you just might not know
What to do wit' it, 'cause it might just
Come back on you ten-fold


OC said...

Pretty confusing post. *went over the head*

Tazeen said...

The labels are interesting. Weird stalker gal. I'd love to be one. :)