Too Much of a Good Thing

A lot of things went wrong that day.
My sunday, was to say the least, interesting. It was also tiring and worrisome and franctic at times, invoking some hasty last minute decisions, but at least it wasn't booring like DM's.
You see, those bearded men whose attacks last friday, gave a massive hard-on to Mr.A.L (as NFP so sataricaly puts), are not yet satisfied. So they wanna blow up my place. Where I live. My current abode of peace and quiet. Or the dwelling of more than ... people, who've nothing against them. Wonder what'll happen to Mr.A.L. this time.

And that gave the authorities the shivers. They know very well how much they can protect themselves, all by themselves. And last time they checked, grenades flying in through windows, AK- 47's punching holes in people, doesn't count.
So we were told to pack our bags. And we relocated. To a place "Nigh Impregnable" as Jack would say.

And then i was locked out.
I hate locks.
Absolutely hate them.
If i see one, i'm gonna kill it. Or transfigure it more likely...hehe. (Alohomora didn't work)
And they weren't even the kind i could pop open like good ol' Fatty. Thick carpet.

Get this. I'd locked a lock inside that i had to lock from outside to secure my abode, failing to do so which, i was stuck out in the open air for four long weary hours. Cause no one had a spare key. (which i whiled away by reading As You Like It and then speaking in stanzas with M. That got to his head pretty bad..especially when i wouldn't tell him who Rosalinda was.;)) I love rolling that R. Rrrr. Rrrrosalind. Rrrrrosalinda.

There. You've lost me.


Amna K said...

You're a J.K. Rowling fan and a Shakespeare fan. What a combination!

SaJ said...

Believe me...that's not all ;-)
though whats wrong with this one? they're both magical to me!

Amna K said...

Lol. Nothing wrong with it. Rowling and Shakespeare can actually not be compared in any way. So you're not judged! :-)