That's Me!

" the solstice will come a new... and none will come after..."

I've forgotten the description. I've forgotten the song. Hell, I've even forgotten the presenters.
Hearing my title at the welcome, I was agog: A wizard?
Meet Mr. Harry Potter.

Gryffindor House would never have been so proud. Where dwell the brave at heart. Oddly enough at that moment an odd sense of de javu enveloped me, like i'd been there before. And i started relating real aspects of my insensible existence with this magical, musical merry-go-round. Some of them without due consideration to space and time, others serving as aliases for people in it.

I clambered clumsily on stage, tripping over my feet, got my pink tie and stood there grinning foolishly till the flashbulbs went off.
M: " could've waved your wand at least!"
I did think of that when i was back in my seat.
M: "....ah well!..taken like a true potter!"
Why thank you M.

Except that you don't exist. Thanks to Voldemort, who's back somehow and badder than ever, i have no living relations except them muggles. Then there's Malfoy who keeps messing things up along with his goonies. Snape has surprisingly changed, into an even more evil and ludicrous form and those dementors are still at large.

Of my protagonists, Ron i believe i've found. Her-my-oh-nee, has not yet joined us....(lack of a troll incident people)..Cho's already broken my heart....and Ginny's still out there....somewhere.
Black's dead by the way. Feel free to offer your sympathies.
Lupin's teaching. Dumbledore's busy. and i wish for the Mirror de Erised.

My Quidditch is suffering, My firebolt's gathering dust, and most of the time i find myself solemnly swearing that i'm up to no good. Blame it on my trusty ol' invisibility cloak. Though one thing i'm awaiting eagerly is my appiration liscense. Poof and i'm there. Or gone.

Course there were other matters of the day. Guess who looked like Kristen Stewart? and Meg Ryan? whew. but i've forgotten most of the titles and the puns so i won't be writing that post thankfully. Enough talk about muggles anyway.

So now I officially have permission to use magic! A stunner here, a crucio there and life's a charm.

I sit now with Hedwig perched on my shoulder. The great lake shimmering before me. The forbidden forest as dark and gloomy as ever. Till a Stag canters out to stand by my side. I stretch out my hand to stroke it...

it sounds like a terribly warped up version of Potter, doesn't it? but who cares ;) Gotta be better than Barry Trotter. Hah!


H.G said...

:) awesome...

Anonymous said...

...i suppose it does sound far better than Barry Trotter... :P

SaJ said...

just you wait for the unnecessary sequel...;)