In certain trying circumstances, urgent circumstances, desperate circumstances, 
profanity furnishes a relief denied even to prayer.

- Mark Twain


Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, please enjoy life Sajeel. I must say you seem to be under pressure with your grandfather ill, and having to study hard. I hope things work out. I get a lot of enjoyment from books. It's the access to another mind that gets me interested, and the insights an author brings to understanding people - the good authors, that is! If I'm not getting that then I chuck the book. Why waste your time? On the other hand if you're having to read a book for an academic course, then you're in trouble. I've forced myself to get through some shockers! Not any more tho'. Bye, Alec

SaJ said...

Thanks Alec.
Just started following you.;)
Enjoy life? Oh, i intend to. Really. But these said books are ofcourse academic. So you're right...i'm in deep deep trouble.
Great thing you said about the insight to another mind...I like it ;)