So, I’ve finally started studying. Out come the books hitherto neatly stacked away in my study (its too hot there, I’m studying in my bedroom) and enter the immense amnesia phase. Forget the Bourne series. Bid Ghajni good-bye. Cause Mr. Forget-It-All is here.

I’ve started with Anatomy. Cutting up things. We have the head & neck region this year. And its so frightfully interesting that my these very structures then, are overcome with reminiscence and start to drop back on the pillows…did I mention my ingenious choice of a studying locale?

And then there’s the matter of deciding which book to use. Yup. I have now in front of me not less than 9 books. And all of Anatomy! Notice the Holy Grail of Anatomy at the center that I’m planning to open someday. You’re right. It’s the Gray. Enter McDreamy!

Enough study talk.

M2’s baking today. She made a cake and some cookies. The biscuits were okay (those that weren’t burnt that is) but the cake was gruel some. You get the hint. Oh and I asked her to hold the egg-whitey thing upside down like do Ainsley, Ramsey and the Bites lot. And here’s a picture. ;) it didn’t fall down…yea!

The mob’s playing scrabble. They’re fighting over a word DM spells out to be TEOTWAWKI. He says it stands for: The End of The World As We Know It. Something to do with survivalism. And strangely enough it has two triple word scores covered. Course the others aren’t letting him use it.

Anyway…I have some more followers on the blog! Happy reading & blogging everybody and thanks for the comments. Incidentally, ever heard of Hausla Rakho? It’s a network I might be joining soon. (a friend manages it and he says it’ll bring the green in)…hehehe ;-)

Oops! Gotta go. Lizard situation. Byeeee.


H.G said...
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Amna K said...

You remind me of those days when I was crazy about studying to become a doctor (dentist)!

SaJ said...

Is that why you're terribly green now? ;)
What changed?

Amna K said...

Ahah! yeah.. you could say that! :-D