Dunk (O)

I play basketball.
Which is coincidently, the only non-Nintendo sport I’m even remotely good at.
We have lots of courts here in Rabwah. No indoor ones though.

So we were playing and this guy came and drank all our water.
His shirt says TOTAL CONTROL. ;-)
We won a game. And lost one too.

Life’s like a dunk sometimes.
An amazing, crazy, incredible dunk.

When there's a will, there's a way

I begin with the weather. It was very lovely with the rain and all so we decided to hit the road. A sort of working holiday as there was also work to be done. But there was the question of the mob, which we addressed by leaving them at The Lodge (can’t tell what that is now).

Faisalabad isn’t far. Hardly 50 km. But with dad’s driving (which mom can’t stand at all) it took us nearly an hour, though the road was partly to blame. We picked up the passports, went to PMC, PINUM and the education board, and contrary to expectations, were done before we knew it.

Dad had to get back to the hospital by Juma. With everybody on red alert and no cover without him there, so we started back with just a quick stop at metro where I ran into some old friends () and we met M’s anatomy demo.

Our absence, meanwhile was starting to get noticed. It began with the simple “where are you?” s but before long we were being harangued by the mob.

“You people disgust me with your lies. Just like the servant then eh. Just tell us. What can we do about now. You people are in FSD. arent you. Come on. Whats on your mind. Cant think of an excuse. To shut me up.”

And so the storm gathered momentum.

“Everybody knows that you were such big fools to ever leave us here you know you should have taken us. Here you beggin for a second chance we aint gonna let you in yove been runin from the truth nw ure gonna cm bck 2 us.”

And then they started getting wise.
“Hear that?”
“Hear what?”
“You people are so not home. We’ve been callin for ages. Chor ki dari me tinka , sharm ka muqaam!”

I’m thinking it’s safe to say that this, will not work again.

=( o )=


Rolling On Floor Laughing So Hard Voldemort Uses Avada Kedavra On Me And I Live

I had something good for you, my blog, and i'd written a very nice post and all but my delly went beserk and I lost all my data so i'm too sad to write...again.
=( :( :-(
  )-:  ):  )=


Winds of Change

Life at the moment is very dry. Like the weather.
I am home for the holidays, yes. But home does not right now exist as I know it. And that leaves me sad and bored. I was reading Russell on Boredom and excitement and he says some interesting things.
“…nor have the lives of great men been exciting except at a few great moments.”

But then Bronte says, in Jane Eyre:
'It is in vain to say human beings ought to be satisfied with tranquility: they must have action; and they will make it if they cannot find it'.

I like it. We have two sides of the story now.

Russell Counters:
“Altogether, it will be found that a quiet life is characteristic of great men, and that their pleasures have not been of the sort that would look exciting to the outward eye.”

Bloody philosophers.
They're both right to an extent, me thinks. People have different notions of pleasure. Maybe that great man isn’t doing anything exciting by you, but maybe to him there can be nothing more so than his work. Its a question of standards all over again. But they're few now. And creating action is so much easier. Anywaaay.

It’s been unbelievably hot here. You can’t imagine how hot. So hot it felt like you were being grilled alive. And no one looked after my banana tree while I was gone so its like this.

Okay I may have touched it up a bit.
But the winds of change. They’re finally here…still waiting for the rain though.
I used to like summers. Mangoes, swimming, lassi, vacations, ice-cream, mountains, boating, tube-wells, farm houses. Aaalo Bukharas. Na calls them Potato Fevera. ;-)

My world is very strange. And I have just received a text from RM asking what “depression induced euphoria” is. He isn’t happy with my explanation. I wasn’t happy with him experiencing it either.

“A happy life must be to a great extent a quiet life, for it is only in an atmosphere of quiet that true joy can live.” That’s Russell again. And not Crowe, idiot.

Paramore – The Only Exception…its been on repeat all this time.

The newest circulation on za fbook.

(girl)do u think im pretty?
(girl)do u want to b with me forever?
(girl)would u cry if i walked away?...
she heard enough and waz hurt, she walked away tears ran down her face.
The boy grabbed her arm:
(boy) your not pretty, your beautiful
(boy) i dont want to b with u forever, i NEE...D to b with u forever
(boy) and i wouldnt cry if u walked away, i would DIE!!!
(boy whispers) plzzzzz stay with me
(girl whispers) i will...
Tonight at midnight ur true love will realize they love u. Something good will happen to you between 1-4 p.m. tomorrow it could b anywhere. Get ready for the biggest shock of your life!! If you dont post this to 5 other pages... you will have relationship problems for the nxt 10 year
I'm not doin it. 


"I am firm; you are obstinate; he is a pig-headed fool."
 - Bertrand Russell                                                                            
              and the best, you may ask:
 I am righteously indignant; you are annoyed; he is making a fuss about nothing. 

asodfm nvowirj

I’m going to buy a newton’s cradle.
There is something very soothing about watching a load of chrome balls smash the hell out of each other
and then imaging whatever else could take their place…
I should've guessed. Given the situation, said person would've needed just one prod to fight back. Instead they began to squirm under the onslaught. Why can't the persons who seem to be at war with us, do us the service of actually declaring it? Then we can fight back.


So, I’ve finally started studying. Out come the books hitherto neatly stacked away in my study (its too hot there, I’m studying in my bedroom) and enter the immense amnesia phase. Forget the Bourne series. Bid Ghajni good-bye. Cause Mr. Forget-It-All is here.

I’ve started with Anatomy. Cutting up things. We have the head & neck region this year. And its so frightfully interesting that my these very structures then, are overcome with reminiscence and start to drop back on the pillows…did I mention my ingenious choice of a studying locale?

And then there’s the matter of deciding which book to use. Yup. I have now in front of me not less than 9 books. And all of Anatomy! Notice the Holy Grail of Anatomy at the center that I’m planning to open someday. You’re right. It’s the Gray. Enter McDreamy!

Enough study talk.

M2’s baking today. She made a cake and some cookies. The biscuits were okay (those that weren’t burnt that is) but the cake was gruel some. You get the hint. Oh and I asked her to hold the egg-whitey thing upside down like do Ainsley, Ramsey and the Bites lot. And here’s a picture. ;) it didn’t fall down…yea!

The mob’s playing scrabble. They’re fighting over a word DM spells out to be TEOTWAWKI. He says it stands for: The End of The World As We Know It. Something to do with survivalism. And strangely enough it has two triple word scores covered. Course the others aren’t letting him use it.

Anyway…I have some more followers on the blog! Happy reading & blogging everybody and thanks for the comments. Incidentally, ever heard of Hausla Rakho? It’s a network I might be joining soon. (a friend manages it and he says it’ll bring the green in)…hehehe ;-)

Oops! Gotta go. Lizard situation. Byeeee.

Or what you will...

Sometimes we start a thing, whose ending we cannot possibly contemplate. Like throwing a pebble in a still pool and watching the ripples, how will they end? Something we adopt from others. Something we’re curious about. Something we need prove to ourselves. We begin with certain aims, limited as they may be, and to our surprise it kicks off pretty well. And with it our aims begin to morph into a new being. Our direction shifts. Our transgressions become welcome. Our outlook widens. Our means become richer. And suddenly we’re out of the microcosm and into the macrocosm…where it’s a whole new world.

In certain trying circumstances, urgent circumstances, desperate circumstances, 
profanity furnishes a relief denied even to prayer.

- Mark Twain

Under My Skin

Okay . So vacations do not suit me. Period.

I had to hurry home a day earlier cause my Granddad was ill. And he needed some drugs (that I had to search half of Lahore for) and then there was keeping him company in the hospital. But he’s doing better now. Meaning that once again I have more free time on my hands than is good for me.
Its easier to associate with pictures, so i'm gonna add them from now on. That's Nana Abu and Nani Ami.

I suppose its good to be home. With the family and all. Yet something’s missing. A beam. A spark. A passion that just won’t ignite. Like gunpowder that’s as safe as sand.

And I’m tired of reading books. Of watching dull movies. And listening to stupid songs. Life suddenly for me has no purpose at all that can be related to them, however remotely even. Except to pass them by.

I’d planned to study well. Make notes and all that. But the day’s past before I know it. And then I feel guilty for not studying at all. God knows I know not a word of physio and biochem. Suddenly a month seems so very very small. ;-( Especially with depressors flying at you from both sides…

Ah well…chin up... ;-) got a life to enjoy here….somehow.

When I get older I will be stronger.
They’ll call me freedom, just like a wavin’ flag.
A wavin’ flag……

p.s. took this today.

Damage Control

5 litres.
minus 450-500ml.
8 weeks to wait.

The World Health Organization recognizes World Blood Donor Day on 14th June each year to promote blood donation. This is the birthday of Karl Landsteiner, the scientist who discovered the ABO blood group system.
I'm loving the weather. Clouds rumbling above. Rain drops falling on my head...
There's no electricity since last night. Huge huge storm.

Nana abu's still in CCU. Chronic renal failure.
It was my turn yesterday.
B.P. increaed.
Urea accumalates. Uremia.
Hyperkalemia. potentially fatal cardiac arryhtmias.
Decreased erythropoietin synthesis. Anemia.
Metabloic acidosis.
Pulmonary oedema.

and i still can't get why i'm writing like this..Ugh.
“Cut the red wire?! I’m colorblind!!!”

—Ben Ng
I'm hungry.
I'm going to eat Karri Pakora as soon as i finish writing this.
I have to go on duty today with H. but he says not to wake him if he's asleep. (then i'm not going too.Yea!)
I laughed a lot in college today. I got more blood on my lab-coat.(did bleeding time and DLC)
I finally finished Jane Eyre.
I heard someone's terribly ill. I hope you get better soon.
I wish i was there for you.
I'm late.

A sad place indeed

......"Let me add in passing that my Ahmedi friends tell me that the reply of their community to the offer of compensation is that the community is well placed to look after its own, thank you very much, and that the compensation which is to be paid should be transferred to the people of Hunza-Gojal for the relief work which is ongoing and which will surely increase as the disaster widens."........

The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.

Too Much of a Good Thing

A lot of things went wrong that day.
My sunday, was to say the least, interesting. It was also tiring and worrisome and franctic at times, invoking some hasty last minute decisions, but at least it wasn't booring like DM's.
You see, those bearded men whose attacks last friday, gave a massive hard-on to Mr.A.L (as NFP so sataricaly puts), are not yet satisfied. So they wanna blow up my place. Where I live. My current abode of peace and quiet. Or the dwelling of more than ... people, who've nothing against them. Wonder what'll happen to Mr.A.L. this time.

And that gave the authorities the shivers. They know very well how much they can protect themselves, all by themselves. And last time they checked, grenades flying in through windows, AK- 47's punching holes in people, doesn't count.
So we were told to pack our bags. And we relocated. To a place "Nigh Impregnable" as Jack would say.

And then i was locked out.
I hate locks.
Absolutely hate them.
If i see one, i'm gonna kill it. Or transfigure it more likely...hehe. (Alohomora didn't work)
And they weren't even the kind i could pop open like good ol' Fatty. Thick carpet.

Get this. I'd locked a lock inside that i had to lock from outside to secure my abode, failing to do so which, i was stuck out in the open air for four long weary hours. Cause no one had a spare key. (which i whiled away by reading As You Like It and then speaking in stanzas with M. That got to his head pretty bad..especially when i wouldn't tell him who Rosalinda was.;)) I love rolling that R. Rrrr. Rrrrosalind. Rrrrrosalinda.

There. You've lost me.
I was learning something new about ideas. Those brief flashes of genius i get when i'm the least predisposed to pen them down. which i'd thought that if i didn't, would at once vanish into a deep and dark abyss, forever lost. but now i've taken a leaf outta Lyra Silvertongue's book, and i realise the importance of letting them shimmer, just out of reach, at the back of my mind, gaining strength and momentum there till they themselve come out to embrace me, to assure me that they've been there all the time. and the proof of their worth is in their effect.
Which was indeed quite lovely.

That's Me!

"..........at the solstice will come a new... and none will come after..."

I've forgotten the description. I've forgotten the song. Hell, I've even forgotten the presenters.
Hearing my title at the welcome, I was agog: A wizard?
Meet Mr. Harry Potter.

Gryffindor House would never have been so proud. Where dwell the brave at heart. Oddly enough at that moment an odd sense of de javu enveloped me, like i'd been there before. And i started relating real aspects of my insensible existence with this magical, musical merry-go-round. Some of them without due consideration to space and time, others serving as aliases for people in it.

I clambered clumsily on stage, tripping over my feet, got my pink tie and stood there grinning foolishly till the flashbulbs went off.
M: "...you could've waved your wand at least!"
I did think of that when i was back in my seat.
M: "....ah well!..taken like a true potter!"
Why thank you M.

Except that you don't exist. Thanks to Voldemort, who's back somehow and badder than ever, i have no living relations except them muggles. Then there's Malfoy who keeps messing things up along with his goonies. Snape has surprisingly changed, into an even more evil and ludicrous form and those dementors are still at large.

Of my protagonists, Ron i believe i've found. Her-my-oh-nee, has not yet joined us....(lack of a troll incident people)..Cho's already broken my heart....and Ginny's still out there....somewhere.
Black's dead by the way. Feel free to offer your sympathies.
Lupin's teaching. Dumbledore's busy. and i wish for the Mirror de Erised.

My Quidditch is suffering, My firebolt's gathering dust, and most of the time i find myself solemnly swearing that i'm up to no good. Blame it on my trusty ol' invisibility cloak. Though one thing i'm awaiting eagerly is my appiration liscense. Poof and i'm there. Or gone.

Course there were other matters of the day. Guess who looked like Kristen Stewart? and Meg Ryan? whew. but i've forgotten most of the titles and the puns so i won't be writing that post thankfully. Enough talk about muggles anyway.

So now I officially have permission to use magic! A stunner here, a crucio there and life's a charm.

I sit now with Hedwig perched on my shoulder. The great lake shimmering before me. The forbidden forest as dark and gloomy as ever. Till a Stag canters out to stand by my side. I stretch out my hand to stroke it...

it sounds like a terribly warped up version of Potter, doesn't it? but who cares ;) Gotta be better than Barry Trotter. Hah!