sometimes i say the wrong thing at the right time, but the thing remains that the then wrong thing is such that had i said the right thing then it would have been wrong not to say the wrong thing instead. But does that make it the right thing?
Get it?

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Tazeen said...

Hmm. It does make it the right thing. Or did. Because this post is old and moldy.

And I just said the right thing at the wrong time but my saying so still remains right because it's not my fault I just came across this post. Had I known earlier that you don't like spaghetti, I would have offered to clean up your plate -- and spared your wall during the process -- but that alright because your wall looks kinda colourful and all.

Wish you'd colour it up often.

I know words don't come easy -- and they never will, at this pace -- but one could always try.

And this isn't exactly verbose crap.