The Princess, Her Prince and an Ounce of Stupidity

or perhaps a bit more than an ounce...

It was only after re-reading the day's texts as i lay in bed after giving up on understanding the triangles of neck that had been so avidly described by Dr. Fossa in his boooring lectures....

And it seemed that i had misinterpreted the meaning of a kind of accusation and instead had shared secrets that would better be kept....well....well hidden.

As usual, my guide in matters such as these is DM so it was to him my next call was.
DM picked up on the first ring and asked me to call back as he was in the loo.
Undeterred, i urged him of the delicacy of the matter but was unfeelingly put on hold.
When he did reply it was after a certain amount of cursing and profanities to his benefit which had he heard, probably would have all been written down, as he says..."for future use".

"What would be the natural response of a girl when you unknowingly shared a piece of information that you mistakenly understood to be what she was asking for in the first place, not withstanding the consequences it would have on the said matter to which the information pertained to in the first place; if a) she already knew of the matter or b) if she was as ignorant of it as i am of ant. triangles of neck or c) if she had just heard rumours about it?"

The low grunting noise DM made in response was quite disturbing and could have easily been misunderstood for a recurrence of his earlier involvements; nevertheless it was not a second later that he was ready with his answer.

"The response of course could be calculated by judging a variety of both internal and external environmental variables whose presence as unknown to me cannot be of any particular use in recapitulating the scene in my mind whose importance in answering your question is as pivotal as the latest theory put forward by the theologians to explore the nature of divinity without reference to tradition that promises to........"

"Aargh! Okay...its about the princess."

"Elementary! Now that, my friend would have been the cue for my overactive brain to dwelve into the depths of your problem before i started on topics that obviously are much too complicated for your infinitesimal brain to comprehend had you only mentioned it alongside your neatly framed query regarding the........."

"Just answer the question man!"

"I was indeed getting to it.
And the answer is no. She was as wholly oblivious of the fact that you are so cleverly trying not to put in words that her curosity was at once spiked and after conferring with one of her friends she discarded the knowledge as of no value to her other than to use in one of her batterings with the mastermind."

"That's it? An unusually short answer from a person of your caliber...."

I seemed to have a touched a nerve for the sudden silence that ensued was emptier than a banker's heart.

"Don't be ridiculous. I was merely struck suddenly by the aftereffects of the whole situation that you have so clearly messed up and which i now see reflected in your manner that bother me and i can't help pondering over the fact that you chose to leave the matter unattended by my expert advice when i was right there all the time...."

Disregarding the accusation i followed up.
"And what would you advise in such a situation?"

"I would say, As you were......"

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wah kia bat h.specialist in female psychology!!!!