o boy...

This was found on the notepad thingy in the sidebar…..
What can I say….they get their inspiration from me….;)
We’ll call them the Marister and the Nabster….!

What to say????

idont know,,,,,,..

Uh! Who asked YOU?????

the napster did duface...............:-)

One YOU are the napster & Two Wrong spelling of you-know-what,

shut up your big face becasue you are the for ever more the DUFACE ov ze house

I swear I am such a good influence on you ,see even you're English is improving with me around.Ha Ha Ha you just cant beat the Periendogen, Nabster boy.

oh really you .....................want me to say somethin bad marister girl  and what do you about my english eh ya trin to be the boss ov me Get lost with you get real ,get agrip ,get a LIFE  :-) you cant even make a simileee

One i so have a life since i'm alive Duh!!!and two i know all about your english since you are my baby brother and i can so make a smiley!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-):-P:-o HAPPY??????? dork boy?

oi dont mess with me  because your just a baby

and i told you your an idiot

Just smile and wave…..!

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