Head & Neck...Dissection.

The first cervical vertebra is called Atlas because it supports the head as the Greek God Atlas supported the heavens on his shoulder.Quick death from hanging occurs when the transverse ligament of atlas snaps and the dens brushes the lower medulla and the adjacent spinal cord.


We disturbed the maggots,
they were havin' a feast
ov the old man's brain
or what was left indeed.

We hacked, we sawed, we thumped, we 'ammered
and broke into his vault of memories

it had all turned to mush, we held our noses,
we couldn't bear to breath.
there was nothing to study but we did learn this,
if we didn't this was were we would be...

actually we did none of those things.....
but it may not have been an old man after all.....

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